Storytime Saturday: Downtown

I've posted a bunch of Storytime Saturday posts before, and even a really funny Storytime post that wasn't on Saturday. Most of them were written in my usual conversational blog style - just me, talking to just you, sharing my story and my experience with someone who might relate to where I've been or understand where I hope to be going. But I love writing fiction too, and even though one of my novels is actually available for free and I've shared a little bit of my fiction writing here on the blog, I thought it might be fun to write this storytime post in a fictionalized style.

"Urrrgh!" The car jerked a little as it slid forward, inching up through the coils of the parking garage. I pressed a little harder on the gas, careful to let up from the clutch. I was giving up on second gear; there was no way we'd be going that fast anytime soon anyway, not with the slow old man in front of us driving like he'd never been in a garage before.

"What's wrong, mom?" My teen spoke quietly from the passenger seat beside me. She shifted her eyes to my hands, clenched tightly on the wheel, and the corners of her mouth tightened as she pressed her lips together.

"Nothing, I just hate this car." I loosened my grip on the wheel, reminding myself to keep perspective, and smiled over at my daughter. "It's a decent car, I guess, but I'm out of practice. It's okay, Jo."

In the backseat, her sister chattered mindlessly, an endless outpouring of cheerful but totally unfiltered thoughts about the day to come. We had been planning Trolley Day for weeks, and while both girls had been disappointed at the need to rearrange the day, both had recovered well. There was nothing we could do about the trolley system not running - but we still had a whole day ahead of us, and we were determined to make the best of it.

"So first we're going to the library?" The chatter ended on this question, the word library accented with the higher pitch of hope seeping into Eden's voice as she anticipated the pleasure of losing herself in the stacks.

I rolled my eyes and maneuvered into a parking spot, still frustrated with the car and glad to be out of it. "No, not 'til later, babe," I said. I watched the reflection of her lowered face in the rearview mirror, smiling as she pouted a little in disappointment, my pride in her love of books washing away the last of the annoyance over the car. "We'll go there last - just in case."

Her face came up quickly at that, her eyes finding mine in the mirror, lit with excitement. She smiled faintly; I smiled back, ignoring the twinge of sadness that hit me as I looked into her face. Already self-conscious of her crooked teeth and too-small mouth, she rarely smiled completely, but I loved her face. "Just in case what?" she asked. "In case we get books? But I thought we weren't getting any books because it's a hassle to keep track and that's why we always check them on the kindle so we --"

"Just in case," I said again, smiling wider. If I didn't cut in and stop her she'd talk this over for the rest of the day and we'd never get anywhere. But she was right and I knew it - we would get books despite my vehement denial of this possibility. We all knew it - because I was a mom who couldn't resist a book, proud to raise two book-loving kids.

Beside me, Joey sighed, shaking her head. She knew too. "You guys ready to go?"

"Yep," I answered. "Grab your drinks."

Armed with bottles of flavored carbonated water and a small backpack of grocery store snacks, we left the car and headed out, making our way from the garage. Out in the sun, we looked around, trying to decide on the course of action for the day. I pulled up my trusty GPS. Downtown Knoxville can be crowded at times, and if you were unfamiliar with the area, it wouldn't be that hard to get turned around - but with a glance at the map on my cell phone screen, we were off.

I lingered alone as we walked, hanging just a few steps back, watching my daughters interact together. They traded playful elbow jabs and alternated between bickering and joking together, and I marveled at the way the five year age difference between them had begun slowly growing less and less obvious as Josephine's growth slowed down and Eden's began - finally - to catch up. They reached the end of the street and I called out to stop them, holding them back with the sound of my voice, thankful that my voice was enough to command them. They waited the few beats it took for me to catch up, two girls looking up to the sun-filled sky, bottled waters held carefully close, and then, reunited, we stood together on the corner of the intersection, waiting to cross.

It was Eden's first time crossing the Henley Street Pedestrian Bridge, and as we walked, she looked through the protective barriers, exclaiming over the height of the bridge and the relatively small size of the cars passing below us. I smiled knowingly, waiting until the girls were ready to keep moving. They would both be exclaiming soon.

Within the next fifteen minutes I stood grinning widely, one arm around my oldest daughter's waist, the other arm resting lightly on my youngest daughter's shoulders. And they were exclaiming - at the beauty of our city, the sheer height of our view from inside the Sunsphere, the minuteness of the people walking the streets and sidewalks below. We made our way slowly around the observation deck, admiring and comparing the views - did we like the World's Fair Park side, or the downtown view? Both had their perks, but we chose the park side, with it's wide expanses of bright green and the sparkling fall of the water in the park fountain.

"Is that where we're going, Mom?"

I followed the direction of Joey's arm as she pointed toward the spires of a park in the distance. It stood out from the buildings that surrounded it, painted wood tops colorful against the darker wood of the playground structure. "Fort Kid?" I asked, shaking my head. "Not this time." I took her hand, adjusting her arm so that it pointed toward the playground we were aiming for - the World's Fair Park Playground. "It's just there," I told her, aiming her wrist so that her finger pointed toward a stand of flags.

"Not a playground, mom," she answered, lowering her hand.

Beside me, Eden had spotted the largest splash pad in the city and was all but vibrating with excitement. "We're going to the fountain?"

Laughing, I shook my head, plucking at the fabric of her cotton sundress. "No, we're not dressed for that. But look there. Between the flags and the water. Those trees are blocking the playground, but there's one there."

"Does it have a tire swing?"

Josephine had fallen in love with tire swings recently, and this question from her was no surprise. Shaking my head in amusement, I steered my girls toward the elevator that would take us back to the ground below. "We'll see."

There was a tire swing, and two hours later, the girls and I broke away from the heat of the park to rest on a bench in the shade, snacking on the sweet chocolate-dotted granola bars we had carried along for the day, guzzling the rest of our waters.

"Do we have to go now? To the library?" Eden asked, talking as always with her mouth full. There wasn't much that would stop her from talking - not even a mouth full of granola.

"Chew first," I reminded her, pulling my cell phone from my pocket. I tapped the screen to wake the device, checked the clock, and sighed. The heat of the day had been wearing on me already, and while it had been a fun afternoon, I was ready for it to wind down. "Yeah," I said. "The library closes in a couple of hours, so if we want time to really look around while we're there, we need to go."

On the way back, we stopped to run our hands through the waters of the fountain pool, rode the elevator back up to the observation deck of the Sunsphere, and chatted about our day as we crossed the pedestrian bridge. But back in the downtown area, we check the map again.

"Which way is the library?" Eden asked. She had been equally as excited about the prospect of books as she had been about playing at the park, and I smiled down at her, proud to have successfully shared my love of books with her.

"It's close, right?" Joey asked, gesturing further down the street. "Like a block or two?"

"I think it's a few blocks over, actually," I answered, studying the map. "Yeah, but we're close though."

Walking into the children's section at the Lawson MgGhee branch of the Knox County Public Library was like leading a child into wonderland. Eden dropped my hand as soon as she'd entered the doors, anxious to scour the shelves for her next new read. Josephine headed for the computers, her mind already suggesting and discarding possible titles and authors to search for. And I? Well, I was in the world of printed pages, surrounded by the smell of aged paper, comforted by the heavy silence of the books and the quiet whispers of my children.

This photo was originally shared to Patreon here.

Two hours later, we left the library, weighted down with books, our hearts light and our minds already racing in preparation of the adventures we had checked out. Joey and I exchanged amused glances as we juggled books around the still-chattering Eden. It was over, and we were all ready - but it had been a great family day, downtown.

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