Sunday Soiree: International Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Sunday Soirees are so much fun to post, especially when they just happen to perfectly align with all my favorite themes. Today is Women's Entrepreneurship Day, and while I didn't know until a few days ago that this was a specific thing (because apparently I live in a cave), I love it that we have a day dedicated to celebrating the strength and determination of women like me who want almost nothing more than to be able to start and run their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship is always a huge deal for the women in charge - we're often risking everything we have to make a dream into a tangible reality, and for women entrepreneurs who are also mothers, there's always more at stake than simple failure. For me, my writing dream is to be able to support myself and my family on the money I make from writing, but more importantly, I'm hoping that by achieving my dream through book sales, blog revenue, and the support of my sponsors on Patreon, I'll be showing my kids they can achieve their dreams, too. Granted, I have a long way to go before that dream even begins to look truly possible ... but the dream is still alive and well.

We tell our kids all the time that with the right amount of work and determination, they can grow up to be whatever they want to be - but our actions tell them otherwise. If we're healthy enough to work, we spend our days clocked in at jobs we barely like, working for money that barely covers what we need to survive. We aren't thrilled with our work, with our homes, with our incomes, with our possessions. And when we're done with work that doesn't fulfill our spiritual and creative needs, we're too tired to do the things that will. Even among those of us who are ill, whether it be due to physical or psychological limitations (or both) we still aren't doing the things that heal and sustain us.

We excuse ourselves from chasing our passions and our dreams because we're afraid of failure, but also because even as our parents promised us we could be whatever we wanted to be, the world told us that we can't. And in many ways, both sides of the argument are right - there's still only ONE country music star of the year. There's still only ONE number one richest woman in the world.

But EVERY person, with enough effort and enough passion, can become a country music star. EVERY person, with enough effort and enough financial stewardship, has the potential to become the richest woman in the world. Or the most famous. Or the most intelligent. Or the most whatever-they-want-to-be.

If only they have the courage, the grit, and the network support to try.

I know a woman who has talked to me several times about her various business ideas, all of which are exciting and fun and perfectly aligned to who she is and the kinds of things she holds dear.
  • IDEA #1: A secondhand furniture shop, crowded with beautiful pieces she restored and revamped. I can picture her in that shop, surrounded by the scents of wood and paint and furniture polish, with multi-colored specs of paint in varying shades of dryness spattered over a white t-shirt and a pair of navy blue fitted capri jeggings. She would have her hair swept up out of the way, and would wear cute white sandals as she greeted customers, sold them her beautiful creations, and then went back to sanding and painting. Each new sale would fund the next project, and while she would go to bed sore and tired each night, she would still wake up ready and energized each morning.
  • IDEA #2: A treat shop, serving various forms of frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, caramel, candy, etc. I can picture those too, and the joy on her face as she served customer after customer from a counter freezer filled with frozen bits of banana on popsicle sticks, each decorated colorfully with swirls of chocolate and sparkling sprinkles. She would wear sweaters to work every day because she'd get cold standing near the freezers, but her heart would be warm because serving others makes her happy, and her eyes would spark with delighted satisfaction as she closed and locked the shop doors at the end of every long day.

It saddens me to know that she will never open either of those shops. She'll think about them sometimes, and maybe she'll wish now and then that she could do it - but she won't.

The really sad part about it is that she could. She has the finesse, the servant spirit, the creative streak, the hardworking attitude. She has the strength of will and the gentleness of spirit. With some finagling, she would even have the money to set it all up. What she doesn't have, and will probably never develop, is the confidence to move on her ideas even in the smallest of ways, because the fear of failure is so much greater than her most fervent wish to try. And it hurts my heart to know that she has everything she would need to succeed - except for the ability to see herself succeeding in business.

But the thing is, all over the world, there are millions of women living with that same lack of confidence in their own abilities, with an incredible dream that might even be incredibly feasible given enough support, and those dreams will never see the light of day. Because too many of us have had our dreams stamped out. Too many of us have internalized "can't."

This is why women with an entrepreneurial spirit are such a major asset in our society. Women are not destined to be only beautiful, emotion-rich creatures of service and nurturing - yes, those are God-given gifts many of us possess, but women entrepreneurs are also intelligent, innovative examples of the amazing things that can happen when brains and brawn come together inside the same soul.

From the humble beginnings of writers like JK Rowling (and me) to the more lofty ambitions of media giant Oprah Winfrey (man, I wish), the world is a better, more imaginative place because of the courage and determination of women in business. The world of technology made gains through the grit and persistence of HTC creator Cher Wang, and women worldwide are able to glean both courage and knowledge from sharers like Chalene Johnson. Because of women, our world has become - and is still becoming - something that it could never have been without the power of a woman. (Click the name links in this paragraph for recommended inspirational reading from/about these amazing women! Each link goes to a book currently on my wishlist of books by and about the most absolute boss babes on this planet.)

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