Um ... Saturday Screwup? No Blog Post?

To my wonderful (and hopefully patient and forgiving) readers,

Sometimes, you just need to shut down, draw in, and take a break. This week I've been making a point to live life and love my kids - and since they've been on break from school, I've sort of been on break from writing. I'll be back on schedule in time for Tuesday's post though, where I'll be featuring November's Undaunted Interview. In the meantime if you're having content wothdrawals, feel free to click around here on the blog - I've got almost five years worth of content here! And if that's not enough, come on over to Patreon and sign up - I'm working on several novels over there, and have also built a collection of podcasts, bits of poetry, and little mini-blogs with fun pictures attached. 

I'll see you here again on Tuesday, but until then ...

Stay Undaunted.