Friday Fashion: Jamberry Manicure Hacks

Recently, I told you guys I had a brand new love in my life - Jamberry. I'm still thankful to have met my Jamberry consultant, too - not only because she's a total sweetheart and a hero of a woman, but because she's introduced me to a new product I truly love.

But there are just a few (seriously very few) things I don't exactly love, so here's how I'm hacking my Jamberry manicure to fit my lifestyle and my limited single-mom budget.

That pretty ring-finger nail? That's the Copacabana: #COPACABANAJN

When I first met with Elizabeth Legere, I was intimidated by several things about the product she so obviously loved. For one, there's like, a PROCESS for applying and removing these things. Like a legit process with steps and stuff, with actual tutorials. And then even if that hadn't bothered me (because to be honest, there are steps to proper nail polish application as well), there's still the $15-a-sheet price to be considered, and the fact that Jamberry's vinyl wraps are heat-activated - and yes, they have a cute little heater you can get (for $19), but if you want the heater, you're better off picking up Jamberry's starter kit ($58) which is worth way more than you pay for it. But ...

Since that $15-a-sheet pricing makes me cringe (even though it's totally affordable for most people and way more financially wise than getting old-school salon manicures), here are my favorite ways to hack a Jamberry mani for a price that doesn't make me cry.

Sure, you can pick up the little Jamberry heater. It's just under $20, it's portable, it's handy, and it's calibrated to be just the right heat level for the vinyls ... or if you're trying to save money on supplies so that you can use that money for more wraps, you can just heat them with a hair dryer on a low setting to activate the adhesive - or if you're like me and you're feeling too lazy to run upstairs and get the hair dryer, you can use a stove burner on medium heat.

Photo from Jamerry's Website. Wraps shown are Copacabana.

A full sheet of Jamberry wraps will give you two full manicures and two full pedicures - but I don't spend a lot of time on my feet other than to scrub them in the shower, lotion them like a madwoman, and trim my nails so they don't look all gross. I don't usually paint them though because when I go out, I usually have to wear shoes, and when I'm at home, I'm not usually laying around admiring my feet. Don't get me wrong, I love to be spoiled with a good pedicure just as much as the next girl, but doing it myself? Ain't nobody got time for that.

So instead of wasting the vinyls meant for pedicures (that would be the two wraps on the top and bottom right in the photo shown above - see cutting instructions here), you can actually trim those down and use them on your fingers too. And even if you're one of those people who overthinks everything and worries needlessly about stuff that doesn't matter all that much in the long run (like me), and you're so worried about messing up your Jams that you actually end up not even wearing them ... then you'll be just as happy as I was to know that there's a hack for that too!

There's no rule saying that just because your sheet of Jamberry wraps CAN do two full manicures and two full pedicures, that it can ONLY do two full manicures and two full pedicures. The fact is, your wraps are bought and paid for, and you can use them however you want. You can trim them down and make them into french-style tips, you can cut them into stripes. You can use cute hole punchers to makes hearts, flowers, whatever you want. You can do a full nail as an accent with french tips cut from your wraps. You can do french tips with polish and use your wraps for the accent nail or use one to hole-punch some decals. Or you can keep it simple and do yours the way I like to do mine, with one (or more) Jamberry accent nail(s) on each hand, and then a coordinating (or contrasting, if you'd rather) nail polish or gel on the other fingers. It looks great this way, and I love the way my plain polished nails make the artsy look of my Jams really pop.

For me, this particular pattern might be a little too "look at me!" if I used it on all of my nails, but I love it just used as an accent with this glittery turquoise shade on either side. Red would have worked just as well, or yellow, or even a paler leafy green. And I think black would have been a good color pairing too, because the darkness of black nails would have made the colors in the wrap stand out so much more. Then again, I might love using all of these as a full manicure, or these. Or these.

Wanna know a secret? I've got over 100 different wraps on my Jamberry wishlist. Seriously guys, I'm out of control - and I can't wait to show you all the fun ways I end up using these wraps! My favorite thing is that since I've learned how to trim them creatively, I'll also be able to share them with the girls for Mommy-Daughter Manicures!

If you liked this post or you're as in love with Jamberry as I am, share the link with your friends - or click any one of my links here to purchase your own set of Jamberry nails! They're really not that hard to apply, and I love that they last so long. I especially love that when you order through the website, your products are shipped directly to your door - so you don't have to hunt down a local consultant, and I get the blessing of sharing my consultant with you.

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