Tuesday Talk: Five Years As An Author

I don't usually make a huge deal out of every anniversary that passes by. I don't always post "book birthday" stuff on the anniversaries of my books' publication dates, and I don't go crazy as each new year passes by.

Sometimes this is because I don't need to make a point of celebrating each and every milestone - I"m much too busy searching out the best way to reach the next milestone I'm headed toward. Other times, I don't publicly celebrate anniversaries because I have days where I feel like celebrating an anniversary of what I have done is just another way of pointing out to myself what I still haven't done. Twisted, I know. Welcome to my world.

But skipping public celebration of a first or second or fourth anniversary isn't the same as skipping a milestone. Five years, you guys. It has been exactly five years since I wrote this post, starting this blog as a way to grow and nurture my brand new author platform.

In the five years since that first day, I've published seven novels, one short story, a handful of poems, a bunch of podcasts, over a dozen bonus fiction chapters, and four hundred seventy-nine blog posts on this site - and while I was doing all that writing, my life was changing in more ways than I could handle, making me need the writing all the more.

Writing gives me freedom. It's therapy for me - it's a way to escape through creating stories. It's a way to express with the beautiful power of words. It's a way to live in a world where things turn out alright in the end - a world I'm not sure really exists anymore, if we're being honest. Sometimes, it's a way to live in an outright fantasy for a while, like I did with Selkie, leaving the real world's troubles behind. My ultimate dream is that one day, this writing that I so love will become a way to fund the futures of my children, my daughters who are the reason I wake up every day and the motivation that keeps me trying to succeed.

But writing has not come without cost - for reasons I've hinted at but won't go into full detail on, publishing that first novel and taking that step into an independent career cost me my home and my relationship. It changed everything about my way of life, took things I counted on and make them nonexistent, took things that were still functioning in my world and made them irreparable. Through everything that happened in the last five years, writing stayed something I could lean on because it would be there, something I could do because I'm good at it, a safe place I could hide in because I could create whatever world I wanted. Perhaps that's the root of why I love writing, why it's my passion -  and why I honestly feel with all my heart that it's my purpose on this planet, the thing I God intended me to do.

As I witness the end of my first five-year period as an author and celebrate the beginning of the second, I'm still seeing changes in my life, many of which are terrifying for me. And yet I push on, both in life and in fiction - living through each day as it comes, writing new stories word by word. It's still a little hard to believe how much has changed in my life, and in me as a person, during the course of the last five years. I've grown so much and become in so many ways an entirely new person - one that I'm proud of even as I struggle to accept some of the changes.

But no matter what changes, no matter what variables are constantly in flux, there will always be writing, there will always be stories and characters. There will always be a little notebook nearby, slowly filling with ideas for the next character, the next book, the next series.

I hope you'll keep following the journey - there's still so much more to come.

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