Friday Food: National Whipped Cream Day

I loved blogging every day in January (except Sundays) last year.

I remember as January ended, I was a strange mix of joyful because I was exhausted and sad because blogging daily really was lots of fun. But this year BLOGuary has had a totally extra level of fun so far - because I've got company!

If you tend to see my new blogs first thing in the morning (whether that's because it's when you read blogs, when you check your emails if you're subscribed here, or whatever), then you may not have noticed specifically that I'm blogging as a team this month. I've been going back each day and adding links to my BLOGuary posts, referring readers to the corresponding posts on my BLOGuary co-host's site - and I have to say, I'm loving the way doing this as a team enriches the effort.

David is a single dad living in sunny (well, maybe not so sunny just now since it's winter) South California; he's a super-smart librarian with a serious side that's easily balanced by how lighthearted and funny he can be, and he's the kind of active dad women all over the world admire - not because being a dad (or a mom, for that matter) is anything special in itself, but because dads who actually dad tend to stand in sharp contrast to those of us exposed to dads who don't.

The Single Dad's Guide to Life gives lifestyle from a dad's perspective, and while the general focus tends to be lighthearted things like movies, food, fitness, and the magic of Knott's Berry Farm, this single dad blogger also has a serious story of his own to tell. I see him as somewhat of an Undaunted MAN, which is a great balance to my #UndauntedWoman series - and also a strong reminder to all of us that while women are sorely in need of support and empowerment in our society, our men are still emotional humans subject to the same feelings and challenges as the rest of us. And they too, have a desire to step into the world, open their hearts, and be heard.

But they also need food, and who doesn't love whipped cream, right? So today David and I are teaming up to cover National Whipped Cream Day - I'm giving you all my favorite things to put whipped cream on, and David's going to clue you in on the history of why we have whipped cream in the first place - but with an unexpected twist. Be sure to keep an eye on his site today to see what he comes up with - his fake food histories are always a trip.

And in the meantime ...

Whipped cream is totally versatile as a food topping; sweetened, it becomes the perfect final touch for a berry-topped french toast breakfast. Or, sprinkled with a little cinnamon, it becomes a luxurious cap to a great mug of coffee or hot chocolate. Later in the day, it's perfectly light and refreshing used as a trifle layer - or if your tastes run a little on the richer side, then pair your whipped cream with mascarpone to create a still-light but much more indulgent Tiramisu.

Or you could make this - in which case, please come make it at my house so I can have some because every now and then a girl just really NEEDS to close her eyes and really savor something this incredibly decadent.

Now that I'm hungry for all things whipped cream and I've pinterested whipped cream recipes until my salivary glands exploded, let's just brainstorm what all can be done with this magic. Here are some of my favorite things to put whipped cream on:

There are few things quite as refreshing as fresh berries topped with whipped cream. As simple as this is, it's light enough to make a great summertime dessert - and it's also an almost guilt-free way to add excitement to basic fruit if you're the parent of a picky eater.

Whether it's waffles, pancakes, french toast, or even fruit or chocolate stuffed crepes, just about any indulgent sweet breakfast option can be improved with a dollop of whipped cream. If you're really looking to up the ante, you can top a doughnut with sweetened whipped cream - or even use it as a filling for eclairs or other stuffed treats.

I've trained myself to like plain black coffee several times, but I always end up going back to loving my coffee flavored, sweetened, and full of creamer. It's like hot, creamy dessert in a mug - and once you top that with thick, fluffy whipped cream it becomes probably one of the most indulgent of my favorite ways to spoil myself. You add a pack of hot chocolate mix to the coffee mug as it's perking and that's it, I'm in hot-mocha-coffee-with-whipped-cream-on-top Heaven.

Well, maybe I wouldn't top just ice cream with just whipped cream - but if the ice cream were scooped over a banana and drizzled with chocolate and caramel and maybe some chopped candied walnuts then ... yeah, then the whipped cream is pretty much a necessity at that point.

Well, come on. I'm a romance novelist, so I think you pretty much had to see that one coming. Men are delicious and wonderful and there's so much about a good man that's irresistible to begin with - but when you top just the right one with whipped cream ...

From sweet cherry to tart apple to savory pumpkin, one fact remains the same - a good slice of pie never truly reaches its potential unless it is served hot, fresh, and topped properly with whipped cream. Flaky pie crust, delicious filling, and the sweetness of light, fluffy, whipped magic ... there's no other word - it's just yum.

And now that I'm done torturing myself with whipped cream yummies, I'm off to make Swiss Miss Mousse with the girls because I have all the ingredients for it and ... well, who needs more reasons than that?

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