Monday Movies: Girl's Trip

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Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish

Directed by: Malcolm D. Lee
Released: 2017
Length: 2h 2m

When I first started seeing previews for this movie last year, I knew it would be something I'd love because I've never seen Queen Latifah in anything that I didn't love. Jada Pinkett Smith's tendency to overact (and don't even get me started on all the other reasons I don't care for her) would be tolerable, I was sure, and maybe even enjoyable in context when the theme and topic of the movie.

Besides, what single mom isn't aching for some time to settle in and watch a non-family movie? Especially when it could potentially take her on the kind of fun trip she knows is currently out of her range of possibility? And even more especially when it's guaranteed to fill her afternoon with the kind of belly laughs she desperately needs after two full weeks of her sweet and gorgeous but way too energetic kiddos being on the coldest winter break from school in the history of humanity?

Oh wait - is that just me?

Anyway, the movie starts out with a sort of intro piece, giving you the names and a little of the background on the four main characters: Sasha, Dina, Lisa, and Ryan - and I swear, I was literally laughing out loud within the first two minutes of the movie.

Then it gets into the slow but steady separation of the "Flossy Posse" - and that was where it got a little real for me. Most of my life I've had the same set of friends, and I've loved them dearly. But over the years we've gotten married, gotten divorced, had kids. Some of us moved around the country and some of us stayed rooted in the place we all still think of as home. We grew up - some of us more than others, some of us in different directions - and in a lot of ways we grew apart. The richness of the camaraderie faded, and as it says in the movie, "Sometimes words go unsaid, disagreements go unresolved. You still talk on the phone, keep up on social media but ..."

The comedy shifted for me right then, pointed out to me how much I still miss my own "posse" - sometimes because I genuinely miss some of them, but often because I miss the richness of the long history we shared and the way we all seemed to know each other so well even with there being so much we didn't know about each other. The sense of sisterhood and family ... I miss that fiercely, even as I acknowledge the rightness of leaving some of those connections behind.

"A year goes by where you don't see each other ... and that year turns to five. And before you know it, you're so busy trying to get what you want that one day you look up and find out that the thing you love the most - your crew, the people who make you feel at home no matter where you are ... they're gone."

The thing is, that sense of loss still stings right down to the deepest shadows of a woman's heart - even if it's for the best because the people she lost are the ones who should have believed most deeply in her ... and didn't.

And all that? That was just in the intro. So I paused the movie, made a fresh cup of coffee, and curled up with a blanket to enjoy.

Hidden Delights From This Movie:
  1. "I got drugs ... in my booty." "Girl you can't get no infection in yo' booty-hole. It's a booty-hole."
  2. "Yes, you need to be bedazzlin' some dick."
  3. When the gold statue man started running.
  4. "... two Q-tips in his pee-pee hole ..." I cried laughing at this one.
  5. Everything Dina said after that bottle broke at 27:21.
  6. Window. Humping.
  7. Julian. Omg, this guy.
  8. The praying together. It has been a really long time since I've had people in my life that I could legit sit down and pray with. Prayer is such a vulnerable and sensitive thing for me, and my heart still aches for the depth of friendship I had with the last person I shared that deeply with. This scene gave me hope.
  9. Grapefruiting. I thought I was gonna bust a gut laughing.
  10. "I am ... strong. I am ... powerful. I am beautiful."
  11. Wormwood Absinthe. I laughed, but I also added that to my DO NOT DRINK list.
  12. Julian again.  *swoon*  1:19:28 on the film.
  13. "I haven't found my equal yet."
  14. The speech. So honest and brave and strong - and so relateable.

I originally wanted to watch this movie because I was guaranteed to end up with tear-streaming bellyache from laughing too hard for too long, and that's something I've sorely needed in my life for months. I laugh loud and I laugh often, but the truth is, momlife gets lonely sometimes, and when you're parenting alone there isn't much of an outlet for a social life. I don't spend Friday nights out with my girls because ... well, partly because I'm never without my kids and partly because the "girls" I would go out with are pretty much never without their kids either. I miss hanging out with the kind of in-person legitimate friends I haven't had in my life for way too long. I miss chatting face to face with people who aren't judging me or looking for flaws in me. I miss relaxing with people who aren't trying to teach me or better me or change me. So when a movie comes along that'll give me that feeling (and also remind me of how truly I value the relationship I do have), there's no way I can pass that up.

But what I loved most about this movie was the heart-healing reminder that friendship is valuable no matter how old it is or what sort of distance it has to reach across. I loved that it gave me joy and laughter, but also that it gave me hope. And maybe, just maybe, Ryan Pierce (played by Regina Hall) was right when she said, "If I will it, I can have it all."

So have you seen this movie? If you have, what did you think of it? Did you laugh out loud at the funny parts, cry quietly over the more heartfelt moments - or both, like me? Or do you think this movie might be boring or too female-focused for you? If so, would you relate more closely to a comedy that's a bit more ... bro-mantic? If you would, how about checking out my BLOGuary co-host's Monday Movie, I Love You Man. I was sure when we first talked about doing movie guy/gal movie review that this movie would have exactly the right mix of dude-friendly, dad-thinking, adorably funny perspective - and I was totally right! I think I might even have to make some time to sit down and watch this one, because to tell you the truth, I'm a little curious about what I might learn from it, having seen such a review (of this sort of movie) from a man's perspective.

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