Truthful Tuesday: TV Edition

You guys know this month has been something of a partnership, as I've been teaming up with David Elliott (from the Single Dad's Guide to Life) to make BLOGuary a fun festival of countering parental perspectives. David and I have been planning our posts together throughout the month, and while the content varies, our posts are almost always colored by our single-parent perspectives.

We've talked birth stories, cooking methods, and goals. We've covered travel, self-care, and even fitness.

But today? Today we're sitting down, picking up the remote, and talking TV ... it's a Truthful Tuesday Confession Collection: the TV Edition.

Regarding TV, the truth is ...

... I don't actually watch that much television. Not because I don't enjoy it, but because I simply don't make time for it very often. And when I do make time to watch TV, I want it on my time - which means most of what I like to watch is chosen from what's currently available on demand.

... I love watching Dog: the Bounty Hunter - and not just because Leland is hot and Youngblood has just about the sweetest face ever, or because Justin is adorable and Beth is a firecracker and Dog has the softest heart, but also because there's just something about that show that wakes up my inner badass. If I could move to Hawaii and have Dog and Beth train me to kick ass and take names, my kids and I would be on a flight. Right. Now. Not even kidding. Fortunately for me, they're retired - they might be a lot older now, but I'm still not sure I could keep up with that bunch. I've been totally binging on this show whenever I can, and I'm currently about halfway through the third season. It makes me sad to know the show has ended - I would much prefer for this show to have gone on forever.

... When I'm not waking up my inner badass with Dog and the crew, I'm girling out watching Dancing with the Stars. I seriously love love love that show. It's always so much fun to watch the "stars" as they make their personal journeys through the show, and I love getting to see the dancers working so hard to help their "stars" succeed. This show makes me sigh, makes me cry. Makes me wish I could dance, or that I had a good partner to learn with.

... When I first saw The Good Doctor with Freddie Highmore, I wept. Not because it was such a moving premise (although it is) or because the acting was so incredibly phenomenal (although it's pretty good, too), but because the presentation of the main character was like a cold sharp dagger to my mommy heart. For years and years, I have had a sneaking little suspicion that Eden is on the autism spectrum; I've never seriously sought an official diagnosis or an IEP or anything like that because she is generally high-functioning ... but many of the characteristics are there. Watching the Good Doctor was hard for me because I could see so much of Eden's struggles in the character of Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore) - and yet, his triumph gives me hope for Eden's great potential. This show is both heartbreaking and inspiring, and I'm so ready to finally sit down with season 2!

... When I do make time to watch something, I love knowing that there are dozens (hundreds?) of movies and tv shows I can access totally free. As a single mom, my budget is pretty limited and is often much more tightly stretched than is comfortable - but as a single mom, sometimes I really just need to veg out and let a good movie take me away from my troubles. Recently, my favorite TV-style streaming apps are:

  • PlutoTV, which I love for the more traditional TV feel. On PlutoTV, you can channel surf through programming that's geared toward those interested in news, movies, funnies, fails, and even sports. I mostly love the FailArmy channel because it's a great way to break a bad mood with a good laugh - but there are lots of other channels too, and I love that PlutoTV allows you to customize your experience (when you register and sign in). More importantly, I love that it's free.
  • Tubi TV, which is great for movies on demand. There are also TV shows on this app, but because there usually aren't full seasons or shows available to stream I haven't really used it in that way; what I truly love is that Tubi has tons of movies I can watch whenever I want to, in loads of different genres including crime, comedy, drama, etc. There are even foreign language and special interest categories, and I love that there are lots of family-friendly and preschool-appropriate movies available.

What are your favorite things to watch lately, and what are your favorite ways to watch those things? How do you choose what to watch? Tell me what you like to watch (and how you like to watch it) in the comments below - I'd love to see what you guys are enjoying lately!

Don't forget, this BLOGuary is a writing partnership! David Elliott from the Single Dad's Guide to Life has been partnering with me this month to balance my single mom perspective with the single dad side of everything from fitness to travel to music and movies. Make sure you check out David's blog for his thoughts on these topics and more.

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