Wednesday Would You Rather: Sweet or Unsweet

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Today's post was first suggested by one of my readers here; now, I'm excited to say the post was voted into reality by one of my patrons!

So, without further ado ...

In general, I love tea of all kinds. I like it in almost every variety from green to black to white to red to herbal - and I like several kinds of tea both hot and cold (which is handy since I'm a single mom, which means all of my drinks usually get forgotten about until three hours after I've made them). And I even like drinking matcha with a little honey - but only when it's hot because once it's gone cold ... yuck!

I've always dreamed of having a fancy ceremonial matcha tea set - not because I want to pretend I know how to do the fancy ceremony or anything, but just because there's a part of me that believes the tea will taste better if it's more properly prepared. I'd like to have a nice teapot set someday - and did you guys know that there are actual tea-for-one sets too?

I'm not even kidding - they come with a teacup and a little teapot, and they can be stored stacked/nested, and they're generally incredibly beautiful and ... oh my gosh, I seriously want them all.

And don't even get me started on the magical delight that is blooming tea.

But as for the war between sweet tea drinkers and unsweet tea drinkers?

Well, I guess I'm pretty neutral, to be honest. In general, I drink my tea (both hot and cold) unsweetened other than by a bit of honey - but that's generally not because of any specific dislike for sweetened tea, it's just because I generally make it a practice not to drink calories (other than the few I stir into my coffee these days). With that being said, if there's some good old southern sweet tea on offer and I'm in the right kind of mood ...

I'll drink it quite happily. On the porch.

Do you drink tea? If you do drink tea, what's your favorite kind? Where do you get it from, and how do you like to drink it? Do you have a suggestion for the next Would You Rather post? Definitely leave it in the comments!

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  1. I love sweet tea cold but my hot tea is always sweetened with honey

    1. I think I pretty much love all tea, lol. Doesn't matter the color, temperature, or sweetness. Lately I've been loving the Tension Tamer from Celestial Seasonings.

  2. I like drinking green tea. I actually have a cup right next to me. :) My favorite drink is, of course, coffee, but tea makes second place. There are so many varieties and ways to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing, Brandi! :)

    1. That's sort of my favorite thing about tea, actually - the versatility. Not only because there are so many varieties to choose from, but also because the choice of ways to drink them is so varied as well. Sometimes I even combine types to end up with my own custom blend.


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