Wednesday Wisdom: Momentum, Part II

Last year was the first time I "officially" chose to forego the effort of a New Year's Resolution, instead gravitating more toward the concept of a "focus word" or "theme" for the year to come - but it was definitely not the first time I ever recognized a certain theme or applied a certain word to a specific period of my life. Last year's word was Warrior, and as I made it through the various challenges of 2017, I kept the concept of a warrior in mind - I used the mental image of what a warrior is (in my perception) to boost my own morale, reminding myself throughout the year to strive for strength and perseverance despite the moments in my life that very literally felt like battling through minefields. I wanted to inspire myself in the year to come, as well as to remind myself of the strength gained from the years before - and it made a huge difference in my life and my perspective, giving me more strength of will and courage of heart than I ever had before.

In choosing a new word (for an upcoming year), I usually start sometime in November (or sometimes, even October) - just by opening my mind to what the year I'm finishing looked like. I ask myself questions like: What did I accomplish? What changed for the better; what changed for the worse? What did I lose? What did I gain? And most importantly, how do I feel about my life - and myself - as a result of all that happened during the course of the year?

"Warrior" served me well in 2017 - I started setting quarterly goals, and I achieved a good number of them. I distanced myself from friendships that were no longer healthy for me, not with any ill will toward those specific people, but simply out of a wish for something more fulfilling in my own life - and in letting go of what was, I opened space in my life for new friendships to develop. In 2017, my entire world was enriched by the addition of people who never fail to encourage me, back me up, and reach out to support me in the ways I need most when I'm in trouble. And I've been thankful for the way these people have trusted me to do the same for them when I've been able to. I also made strides in the growth of this site as an income source, added content and connected with new supporters on Patreon, and increased the exposure (and sales) of my novels.

What I did was embrace my "warrior" spirit during 2017, setting up a level of momentum I hoped would take over and begin to snowball as 2018 progressed - and now, as that momentum has carried the girls and I headlong into an untimely but much-anticipated fresh new beginning, I'm seeing the fruition of momentum in my life in a big way.

I'm starting over in so many ways - and while it's terrifying to head so boldly into the unknown, there's also a certain thrill in taking a leap of faith the likes of which only God himself could turn into wings.

As the first quarter of this year draws to a close and I begin to plan my goals for the next quarter, I'm excited to see the coming changes, excited to watch everything develop. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has planned next for my life.

I've set things in motion that I believe will be helpful, created a plan I believe is executable. I have built a support network. And although I'm still waiting in faith for certain things to work out ...

I'm ready to fly.

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