The Soundtrack of the Undaunted

Over the years, I've mentioned my love of music countless times and for various reasons. I've shared songs that empower me, songs that uplift me. I've shared my favorite mom music, both in regard to my own mother and in regard to my being a mother myself.

More importantly, I've shared my love of music because music is one of my favorite and most effective coping mechanisms in dealing with the effects of PTSD-induced depression and anxiety. I wear a bluetooth device all day every day; I keep it connected to my phone, and while it's handy to have for use with phone calls and YouTube-watching, what I really use it for most often is coping with my symptoms.

I have days when I'm so depressed I can hardly motivate myself to move, and it's only the knowledge that my children and dog need care and attention that keeps me going. There are days when, if it weren't for their needs, I probably wouldn't get out of bed. Days when, if it weren't for my effort to lead them by the best possible example I can manage, I might not bother to eat or shower or step outside in the sunlight.

I have days when I'm so anxious my hands shake all day long, and my skin crawls with the itchy stickiness that covers me just before a full sweat kicks in. Days when I can't concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time, no matter how much I want to accomplish or how long my to-do list is, because I'm physically exhausted from not being able to sleep, emotionally exhausted by depression and anxiety, or simply in too much pain to be able to sit still and focus.

I have days when my legs don't work all that well, days when parts of my feet and legs have little to no sensation. Days when my head is pounding, my stomach is burning, and my back has me constantly on the verge of tears.

I have rage days. Days when I'm so pissed off at the world I can barely think straight - days when I'm angry at having had to survive my childhood without being given a chance to really thrive, angry because I have health issues that could have been dealt with sooner if I had been properly informed about my health history as a child. Days when I'm pissed at my parents for being what they were, days when I'm pissed at my kids for not behaving, days when I'm pissed at myself for being so pissed.

The one constant in my life (other than doctor's appointments, car trouble, and my love of writing) is the way music always helps.

When I'm angry, when I'm hurt, when I'm sad. When I'm feel scared or lonely or in pain or exhausted or happy or excited or just feeling like I need a boost ...

Music helps me.

So I thought maybe some of my favorite music might be helpful for you, too. Which is why I think you should look through my "Soundtrack of the Undaunted" playlist on YouTube - you just might find your next favorite song.

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