Today I Cried

In honor of the fallen ones, the heroes, the fighters, the rescuers, and all of those still aching with loss over loved ones no longer with us. In remembrance of a tragedy that brought a nation together, a pain that will never quite heal, and a pride that will never fade. My country is not always perfect - but I'm so proud to be an American, so thankful for my hard-won freedom ...

And still so incredibly fucking pissed at the animals who perpetrated the 9/11 attack in 2001.

Today I cried, with broken heart
for buildings fallen, ashes flying.
I cried for lifeless bodies, shattered lives.
I cried for ever-mourning husbands and wives,
for sons and daughters left behind,
for the warriors who strive
to keep us safe, protect our land,
eliminate the threat
of pain and death and suffering.
That fiercely loving sacrifice
is why no one has beat us yet.

Today I cried, with pride because
this nation I so love 
was built on blood and sweat and tears,
and blessed by God above.
We fight, we cry, and yes, we die -
but throughout all these years,
we've held our own, we've learned and grown,
we stand forever strong.
Home of the free - because of the brave
who armor up and train to fight
the power of their own fears.

Today I cried, inspired by the
Undaunted American spirit -
determined to thrive and filled with the drive
to stay free despite those who fear it.
We're brash and we're loud
but that's just 'cause we're proud
of all we've fought so hard to gain.
And despite our beliefs, our anger, our grief
we still come together as one.
Because while it's true, we've divided before,
we're standing united right now.

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