2019 Digital Vision Board

Vision boards are still a relatively new thing for me in that I've only made about four of them during my lifetime. That being said, I am still very familiar with the concept of having a vision for your life, an idea of where you're going, where you want to go, and how you might intend to get there.

Actually, that is the one part of this that isn't at all new to me - the part where you form that vision of what you're hoping to get out of your life.

But putting it all on a vision board seemed a little hokey to me, at least until I realized how easily having a vision board would fit into my prayer life as a Christian - though I now maintain that vision boards are a healthy meditation for practitioners of all faiths.

In last year's vision board, I included meaningful words and phrases I hoped to be inspired by, photos reprenting things I had been wanting or praying for, and what I felt was a general mood perfectly suited to sit alongside my focus word for 2018 - Momentum. As the year wore on, I kept those images in mind, kept them in my thoughts, and prayed that the things and ideas they represented would become realities in my life

Some things manifested perfectly, others progressed but were not completed - and them few things I'm still praying for and counting on God to provide.

This year's vision board is much more inspiring for me for many reasons, the least of which is simply because it's more aesthetically pleasing to who I am right now as a woman. Some images - such as the front door key and the car lot - represent goals I've progressed toward but not yet accomplished. Others - such as the "music" and the hearts with "love" written on them - are simply reminders not only to keep my heart open to the good things love and music represent to me as coping mechanisms, but also as a reminder to take care of myself in 2019 by clinging to the things that make me happiest.

As for the rest of this year's vision board:

  • I chose the handwritten paper background because I truly love writing and I'm hoping 2019 brings me an extra portion of productive writing time. It's a reminder to keep writing, as well as a prayer for the visibility and success of what I've written already.
  • Renewal: As my focus word for 2019, I felt that it was important to include a visual reminder of the theme I'm most hoping to see in my life over the course of this year. Renewal is something I've always associated with the beauty and excitement of spring, as this is the annual period during which all the winter-dead things come back to life, reaching for fresh growth and new color. It's a time of refreshing, re-beginning; it's when hibernating animals awaken to venture out in search of satiety and success. "Renewal" perfectly fits everything I hope 2019 will be.
  • The tree-woman silhouette is representative of many ideas for me, including a reminder to stay "grounded" even as I aim heavenward in seeking growth as a Christian, as a woman, and of course, as a mother. I also like the nod to nature in general, as a reminder to myself to "get back to basics" in 2019, to spend more time in the fresh outdoor air, and to remember appreciation of the little things in my life.
  • Adventure seems so self-explanatory, doesn't it? And yet, it can mean so many things, especially for people who don't crave adventure quite the way I do. For me, it means the possibility of excitement and change - and yes, maybe even a vacation.
  • Sometimes a vision board is, like mine, based on smaller, reachabe goals. Other times, it's motivating and healthy to include elements of goals not so easily reached. For me, the reminder to write is nothing new - after all, I'm writing right now. But the dream of a bestseller? That's a much more difficult goal to attain! And yet ... I want the accomplishment so strongly it's like an ache in my soul.

What do you think of my vision board and the images I chose to put on it? What else would you have chosen to add if you were me - and what do you think I should have left off?

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