I love books just as much as the next girl, and when I'm not writing books, I'm reading them. As a reader, I wasn't much of a reviewer - honestly, I just read books and either loved them or didn't. If I loved them, I told my friends, and if I hated them, I told my friends. But now, as an author, I've learned how very important it is to take the time to write reviews of the books I read.

Also as an author, I've learned how unreliable certain review site can be, with reviews being bought and paid for - or worse, with legitimate reviews being pulled for reasons unknown. So, to protect my reviews from being lost, to store them in a central place, and to give my own readers a reliable place to find books to read (after they've read all of mine, I hope), I launched my very own book blog, where you can find books by author, by genre, or by rating.

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