Monday, February 18, 2013

Fan Game Alert!!

Over on my Facebook page, I've listed the specs for a new fan game that will ultimately result in the early release of an extended excerpt from Prescription For Love, book two of the Kingsley Series!! Want more details? Keep reading; I've copied the Facebook status below.
Have you read Fat Chance, book one of the Kingsley Series? Are you waiting anxiously for more? Missing Cass and Drew? Waiting to see more from the next book, Prescription for Love? Well, then, let me offer up a solution. Let's have a little race between Facebook and Twitter, shall we?
We're aiming for 200 Facebook likes or 50 Twitter followers ... When one of these goals is reached, I will do one of two things, which YOU will vote on, right here on Facebook.
Choice Number One? I reward my loving awesome fans by blogging the major intro section to Prescription For Love's first chapter. In it, you'll meet new characters, you'll revisit old characters, and you'll experience the love held within a family.
Choice Number Two? I post a major section from the chapter that covers Cass and Drew's wedding, describing the scenery and set-up of the very first Kingsley wedding, giving you a sneak peak into the next phase of Cass and Drew's love story.
Interested? Share this status, participate, and get your friends to participate too. I'll be writing, and watching ...

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