Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm Going On Tour!

Seriously, I'm going on tour!!
Or, rather, Cass and Drew are going on tour - and that is to say, Fat Chance is going on tour!!

So anyway, THERE'S GONNA BE A TOUR (How many more times can I say "tour" in this post, huh?) featuring, me, the book, the characters, my thoughts, other people's thoughts, and ... well. You get it.

Can you tell I'm excited!?!
The lovely Jessica Johnson from the Bookend 2 Bookend review blog,* who recently reviewed Fat Chance (book one in the Kingsley Series), is now working with her pal Tam from Tam's Two Cents to schedule an amazing tour for Fat Chance! Together, they are TTC&B2B Book Tours*!

The tour goes from March 28th - April 12th and if you'd like to stay updated, follow any of the links I've given already, or you can check back right here and I'll keep you updated too. Also, check out my tour schedule page, full of links to the various blogs participating. I'll be updating those links as the tour stops go live so they'll lead directly to the appropriate posts, so keep checking back as the tour gears up and goes live on March 28th, 2013!

*Update: Some links in this post have been removed due to removal or inactivity of sites.

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