Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stop(s) Number Four

Oh my goodness, y'all, today is a DOUBLE day of tour stops!!
Today, I have achieved something magical.
I am in two places AT ONCE!

Well, not really.

Just kinda.

I'm over at
which gives a link to the Kingsley Party page on facebook, a great 4-out-of-5-stars review, and one of my favorite Fat Chance excerpts ever. This one gives you a glimpse at Cass's sass, which I loved seeing come out in her, self-conscious as she was. There's also a list of my top ten favorite things and a tour schedule, in case you haven't seen this one.
which gives you character profiles on Cass and Drew, a guest post from me about what it was like to write and "interact" with the cast of Fat Chance, and a five-star review of the book!

I woke up this morning, and like every other morning since the tour started, my first thought was "I wonder if the tour posts are up for me to see yet." I told myself that they probably wouldn't be, but I went ahead and pulled up the blogs anyway so that I could refresh them obsessively throughout the morning until the posts were up and I could squeal with glee. And fear. You know, because of the reviews. The scary reviews.

Ryan sat up beside me in our bed and he said, "What are you doing?"
And I said, "I'm getting ready for either a REALLY good, or a REALLY bad day."

He didn't really answer, waiting patiently (or perhaps fearfully) to see which way our Easter morning would begin. When I said, "aww" he kept waiting. When I said, "aww" again, he asked me what was up. When I started crying, he pulled over and asked again. And I said, "It's good. They're good."

There's nothing more fulfilling as a writer than to be told that you've gotten the message across in a way that impacts the readers. There's no feeling in the world like being told that your characters came alive for someone reading the book, that they became real for a little while.

And happy tears? Well, in my house, that's a good start to any day.

Thanks for reading.  

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