The Lily, A Poem

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The Lily
copyright 2013, Brandi Kennedy
My youngest daughter has been a beautiful little terror all her life. I was so sick during my pregnancy that I thought she was killing me, and by the end I was starting to wish she'd just get it over with. We both struggled to find our health once she was born, and it took her a good three years to find a consistent sleep pattern. Fitting the new routines of a larger family into her personal needs was challenging, and watching out for health issues was nothing short of terrifying for me as her mother. And still, there has been no joy like mothering her - watching her grow alongside her sister, watching her find herself as she leaves babyhood behind and welcomes the beginning of who she will someday be.

That's why we call her Lily.

A lily is a precious thing
somehow so sturdy
and yet so fragile.

When closed, it lacks
the beauty and grace
that will overtake it as it opens.

Petals spread and widen,
revealing a mystery of color
the shape of wonder
individual to each bloom.

A perfume arises,
pollen rains down
and the lily mesmerizes
with it's fragile beauty.

All too soon,
the petals fall away,
the flower has lived,
it has served it's purpose.
All too soon,
It is but a memory.

We had a lot of moments where we thought we'd lose Eden, moments where she suddenly became ill, moments where a known illness was found to be worse than we'd thought. At just under four years old, she already has an impressive hospital record.

A combination of that record and my knowledge that she is my last child reminds me to appreciate every second with my children, to love watching them grow, to accept that they are here today but gone tomorrow, to love them all the more for their mortality because life is short.

Because someday all too soon, like the flowers my daughters are both named for, they'll be gone.


  1. This is beautiful; the poem and the narrative both have such a lovely sincerity.


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