Saturday, April 13, 2013

Here To Stay

The Fat Chance tour may be over
(many thanks to TTC&B2B Blog Tours for doing such an awesome job)
but this girl is here to stay!

April has been all about publicity for me, and April isn't over yet,
which means there's still

Today I sat down to talk with author Tracee Ford,
answering some questions for her in participation with her
Spring Fever Tribute To Authors.

We had a few minor mixups on the release dates of my books
(totally me having a moment ... Fat Chance release was January 2013,
and Prescription For Love is set for April 20, 2013)

*but otherwise*

it was a ton of fun to answer her questions,
and it has been a blast watching the interviews show up,
featuring a different author every day.

You can find my interview with Tracee here.

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