Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stop Number Fifteen

The newest stop on the Fat Chance blog tour is at

where you'll find me basking in the spotlight and answering some interview questions. 
Have I mentioned how much I love interviews?

I do.
I love interviews.

There's something very human about growing up poor in a small town and 
wishing you were more visible to the world.
That human-ness is made ever more present when you hit puberty and the pounds pile on, some in the right places and others in all the wrong places. Motherhood makes it worse, and eventually you start to
wish you were less visible to the world.

Like Cass.
Wishing people could see her; if only they could see her without looking at her, because in looking, they could see her.

But now, through Cass, I'm more visible. I have a voice, and people want to hear it, because Cass spoke so touchingly with my voice. But I'm also less visible, because it's all through this computer that I'm typing into right now. For that, she means the world to me ... she gives me the best of both worlds.

As the Fat Chance tour comes to an end tomorrow and the process of releasing
Prescription For Love
gets under way, I hope Cameron is given her own voice as well, through the humble tips of my fingers.

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