Monday, April 1, 2013

Stop Number Five

Today I was extra excited about the planned tour stop. Why?
Because I didn't have to be there.

You know, like a day off.


I didn't have to be there because Drew Kingsley went instead.
Isn't he delicious? Cass certainly seems to think so.

Today, they're talking to author Lauren Dawes on her blog,

giving an interview about their relationship and what it was like for them to meet each other so unexpectedly, at such rough points in both their lives. They may even give some hint to their plans for the future.

It's kind of funny sometimes, to sit back and realize all over again what's happening in my life. It's only been since December of 2012 that I could honestly call myself an author. It all started with Annie and Malik in To Love A Selkie, and despite the cliffhanger, their story isn't over yet.

But the Kingsley's ... they've really started a whole new chapter in my life; they've put me in an entirely different place than any place I've ever been before. Right now, readers are getting to know my characters as if they were real people. I'm searching photo sites and putting faces to some of their names, and they are being asked to give interviews. They are being asked to speak, outside of the pages of the their stories. They are giving their own "top ten" lists. They are coming alive in ways that I never dreamed possible.

And I love it. It's such a rush, reading the interview between Drew and Lauren, seeing Cass quietly sitting there, wearing her fresh new confidence as she quietly waits for Drew to finish basking in his spotlight. It's a rush, having people ask for that, wanting to know the characters more than is allowed in the book.

It's a rush,
that I wrote the story,
that I created these people,
that they spring from my imagination
And That They Become Real To People Other Than Myself.

It's weird sometimes, to sit back and realize that. Because, I mean, I've been a writer for most of my life. And I've been a reader since long before that. I've read books and felt the characters step out of the pages to speak to me personally, to teach me some lesson or other. I've read books that made me laugh, books that brought me to tears. When I read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, the history and magic of her characters really came alive for me. I wanted to know Jamie, I wanted to watch Claire in her work, I wanted to listen to Fergus talk because I love French. I wanted to see the new house in the early American mountains. I've felt that; that feeling that the books can come alive for a while.

But I'm not sure I ever really believed that people would have that kind of interest in my stories. But they are. For people other than myself, Cass's fears and her insecurities are touching. Her depression is real. And the loving support of Drew is real, too. Even Mac and Janet and the twins are real. Rick is real. It leaves me feeling like something other than an author. When things like this tour are raging on and carrying me along, helpless in the current but bursting with excitement, I feel like I've done something other than sit down and make up a story.

I'm being told pretty often lately that I've done more than just "make up people and put some drama on their backs for other people to read and be amused." I'm being told that the characters in Fat Chance have come alive and taught real-life lessons to people who have suffered.

I only hope Prescription For Love's message is as strongly affecting.
I can't wait to show you all, but for now,
head on over to The Fantasy Junkie and check out what Lauren wanted to know, what Drew had to say, and what they think the future will look like for the Kingsley family.

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