Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stop Number Six

I woke up this morning still tired. My oldest daughter's spring break from school is over, so we were up early for the first time in a week or so, and I just rolled over, thinking of how much I really still wanted to be asleep.

And that lasted until I realized (again) that 
I'm on tour!

Which, of course, woke me right up.
And thus began the anticipation because today is another review day on the Fat Chance tour, so I headed on over to 

to see what she wanted to say about her experience with reading Fat Chance. I was both nervous and excited because as I explored the blog, I realized that this is probably the youngest person to ever review Fat Chance. I couldn't help wondering what her opinions might be, so I waited and watched her blog off and on all morning until the review popped up for me to see.

And it was good.

That never gets old. Five stars just never gets old.

My family has had some stuff going on over the past few weeks, so this tour has been the most lovely distraction, and the widespread success of Cass's story in Fat Chance has been just what I needed to get through it all. I hope that when the tour winds down and Prescription For Love is released to the public, I will get to see Cameron Kingsley grow to be as well-loved as Cass, and the rest of the Kingsley family as well.

To all of the fans who make it possible,
thank you.

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