Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The "Interview Me" Giveaway

Last week, I added a new giveaway to the Kingsley Keeper Party, inviting players to ask me questions and promising to answer the winning question on my blog for all to see! I also offered a bit of a swag pack ... a 2x6 Fat Chance Bookmark and a 4x8 Fat Chance bookmark!

And the winner is ... Kimberley Jaksina, who asked:

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

You know, this probably shouldn't be a hugely difficult question to answer, because we all that one person we wish we could spend some time with. But not me ... I have always struggled with choosing a "favorite" something, because I love so many things and I tend to have very diverse interests. So, Kimberley, you won't just get a quick answer from me on that one. I've got a bit of a short list instead.

  • Jesus: I have often wondered what I would learn from Him, were I able to sit down personally and talk to him, face to face. But then I think ... I'd likely be horribly frustrated if He spoke to me in parables the entire time. Still, what an experience that would be!! I suppose I shall keep biding my time, until it is my turn to have dinner with Him for real once I'm dead.
  • Stephen King: As a reader, Stephen King horrifies me. His writing is scary; it's raw, it's wild, it's challenging. But it's amazing, and that's something that few of us can deny. He is incredibly skilled, incredibly talented. But as a writer, he's one of the most inspiring role models out there. During much of his early career, he was basically the class reject with the rejection letters coming in all the time, and yet he kept writing. He kept sending his work out. He kept pushing on, honing his ability and showing his work to anyone who would see it. He fought his way to the top, and that simply must be admired. Our writing styles and genres are of course, very different, but I bet he's got a lot to say that I could learn from.
  • John Cena: I don't even care if this is cheesy or silly or shallow. And it's not entirely because he's hot, either. I'd really just love to be able to sit down with him and ask him what kind of toll it takes on him, personally, to be who he is. I mean, he has his well-known persona as an athlete with the WWE, and he's got his bit of acting in a few movies here and there over the years. But maybe his most admirable quality (for me) is his extreme involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As possibly the most popular and most frequently requested stars involved in the program, he is a true hero to sick children all over the world, taking the time from other aspects of his busy life to sit down and talk to kids who want nothing more than to see him live and in person. I know he isn't the cure for cancer, and he can't save any of those kids from the death that lingers all around them ... but he does what he can to bring them a few moments of happy uniqueness. Having granted over three hundred wishes, his dedication is legendary, and I'd love to speak with the man behind the wishes.
* After that, it's increasingly cheesy *

I'd love to spend some time with other authors I don't know, such as Nora Roberts or Nicholas Sparks.

I'd love to spend time with other WWE stars such as Sheamus (so I can drool over his accent), Randy Orton (so I can examine his ... tattoos), or the Big Show (so I can ask what it's like to be such a big guy in today's world, and what he thinks of having to play a "heel" role in the industry).

There are actors, too, like Tom Cruise (because it would be a hilariously awesome memory if he went nuts again), Jennifer Aniston (because she's so down to earth), or Drew Barrymore (because her life history is probably full of great wisdom and strong lessons).

Comedians make my list too: Carlos Mencia, Jo Koy, or Leanne Morgan simply because I love them and I want to know if they are always that funny.

And let's not even get started on the long list of musicians that I admire, from the little guy right up to the big stars.
But I'll give you one of my current ones, just because.
Lazaro Arbos, one of the season 12 contestants in American Idol.
He catches a lot of crap for issues with remembering lyrics (and yet it's okay when established stars do it, simply holding out the microphone and asking the audience to sing for them, uh huh), but I'd want to take the time to talk to him about what it's like to be such a well-known name with such a well publicized (because he can't hide it) speech issue. I've seen so many clips of him on AI that look rushed, where maybe he isn't finished speaking but gets cut off for time, and I hate seeing that happen to him. I'd love to sit down to dinner with him and take it as a personal challenge to help set him at ease by giving him time to speak even if it takes a little longer.
And I really hope he wears the Ricky Ricardo getup too. I think it's just so wildly cute.

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