Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You're Invited ...

You loved Fat Chance, didn't you?

So far, the story of Cass Keaton has been wildly successful, with women everywhere loving the story of a troubled woman finding her place in the world and her confidence in life. Her story touches all of us personally as women, reaching into that dark place in all of our hearts where we believe that we're inherently lacking. We all have that one area in life where we believe that no matter what we do, whatever "it" is, we don't have it. It could be motherhood, money management, our jobs, even our ... wifeliness. There's some place in all of us, isn't there, where we all feel wrong, where we all feel lacking?

That's where Cass's story comes from too, from that place deep inside of her where she feels that nothing about her is as it should be. And throughout the book
we watch Cass grow a little stronger, a little wiser.
A little more confident.

Finally, she is as she wants to be, strong and confident, and most importantly,
always improving
in so many of the ways that mattered most to her.

Or at least, that's what people have been telling me. 
And for all of you who feel that way, who have finished the book but still love Cass's story,
for all of you who cried with her, laughed with her and grew with her, I'd like to invite you to participate in another little piece of Cass Keaton's story.
In Fat Chance, she found love and you got to watch her grow.

Now, with the coming release of
Prescription For Love,
you can watch the next step in Cass and Drew's story,
while also getting to know a fresh new Kingsley, Cameron.
The date is set, and the release is almost ready.
Will you be there?
You're invited.

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