Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bi-Weekly E-zine!

I'm all over the internet these days. I blog here whenever I feel that I've got something to say, and I guest post monthly (every 26th) over at Fab, Fun & Tantalizing Reads. You can check out the first guest post here, and then keep watching for the next one, coming up in just a few more days.

I'm also still learning my way around Twitter, using it here and there. It's a little rough for me though, because I'm wordy and 160 characters (or whatever) isn't very many. But I'm learning. Slowly.

In the meantime, I'm using Facebook pretty regularly.
I'm on there at least once a day, but there's a problem.

Did you know that if you don't regularly interact with the pages you "like" on Facebook, they stop showing up in your news feeds? On the bright side, it means you don't get bombarded with posts from pages you're no longer interested in. But for me and other page admins like me, it means that we're spending our time trying to reach people who don't even remember that we're there. We're posting statuses and updates that aren't being seen, or liked, or commented on. And we aren't sure if we're having any impact at all.

What's the answer?

Well, for me, it means that I keep posting for the sake of the people who are looking. I keep using twitter when I can for the sake of the people who are interested on there. And I blog, because it gives me the freedom to say what I want to say, knowing that it's there for anyone who wants to see.

But there's another idea that's come to my attention lately.

I thought for a while that I probably wouldn't do anything like that.
"Who will sign up?" I asked myself.
"Will it be too much for me to handle?"
"How often should I do it?"
"How the heck do I even begin?"

But then?
I figured it out.

So now, the first issue of my brand new bi-weekly update newsletter is ready and scheduled to go. The first issue will be delivered to subscribers on Friday May 17, and will include a few update articles for you to check out. There are also links to my favorite posts from here, follow links to facebook and twitter, and a few other things for subscribers only. I've also included an email address you can use to send in article/topic suggestions for future newsletters, and I'd love for you to use that! Send me song lyrics, quotes, questions, whatever you like. If your suggestion is chosen, I'll be sure to include your name when I write the article.

But just reading about it and thinking it's neat isn't quite enough.
If you're even mildly interested, don't forget to register/subscribe.
What've you got to lose?

It's quick and simple, just check the upper right corner of the sidebar for the subscription form and fill in those three little boxes. Click the button, confirm your subscription and you're in!

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