Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Getting Close

The race is still on, and growing more fierce by the day!

When the race began, Selkie had a major word count advantage because To Love A Selkie had already been written and released as my first publication. All that remained was a little bit or reorganization and the writing/addition of part two, To Become A Selkie. The other half of the story, you know.

But then.

To Become A Selkie has become quite a story of it's own, and as it grows I'm expecting this to be quite a book! I love the twists and turns, the unexpected changes, the major surprises. To Become A Selkie definitely has a good number of boasting points, and I can't wait to strap these two stories together and release them for you as "Selkie."

Soon, my friends, soon.

In the meantime, Fighting For Freedom was a bit of the underdog here, which is completely fitting, considering the story behind this story. Christine is a woman who doesn't know her own strength until she's faced with a really tough situation, with a really tough solution. This book was starting from the ground without any head start at all, but Christine wants to meet you all. The writing is nearing a halfway point, and the cover wrap for this book is as finished as it can be without a final page count. Let me tell you I am DYING to show it to you!

But I'll wait, because we still don't know which book is going to win. We still don't know which story will finish first, and there is still no date to anticipate.

But I've cooked up a little something to keep you hungry while you're waiting.
Cast your vote today for which book you'd like to see win the race, and when the race is over, the rafflecopter will choose a lucky winner from those who voted in favor of the winning book.

Will it be you?
Only one way to find out ...

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