Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Review: 'Defiance' by Melissa Sasina

Today I've got a little promo/spotlight post for you, as part of a TTC & B2B Blog Tour!

What's the book?

Defiance, book one in the Priestess Trilogy!
Want to know more?
Of course you do.

Shiovra has been named High Priestess of the village of Tara, but she quickly finds herself hunted by the Milidh, a clan born of war and vengeance. With the safety of Tara at stake, it is decided that she is to seek aid from her betrothed, one she considers the enemy.

At her side is Odhran, a Milidh warrior sworn to protect her and determined to gain her trust. But their journey is frought with peril and Shiovra learns that darkness lurks in the hearts of her own kin.

Steeped in ancient Irish myth, this tale is spun of love, war, and DEFIANCE.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon, too.

Author bio:
Born in 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio, she has always been an avid lover of fantasy. In her youth she would write short stories and add artwork to them. While in high school, Melissa decided to change her career path from graphic art to writing, though she still enjoys drawing up a random picture or two, usually of her characters. During her younger school years, she won a Young Authors Honorable Mention for a short story she had written. Melissa has also won a few Visual Arts awards during her school years and upon graduation from High School,she was given a President's award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

The first book she began to write seriously for publication was The Priestess. Completed in 2008, the book was separated into a trilogy and published in 2010. It is currently undergoing reediting and will be re-released as both the individual books and as a one book collection, The Priestess: A Complete Collection.

Her current book series is The Chronicles of Midgard, which will be a five book collection once completed.
Melissa still lives in Ohio with her husband and son. Random character artwork can be found on her facebook author page as well as

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