Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You're In Charge

In the next few days, Fighting For Freedom will be wrapped up and sent off to beta readers. As the story has come along, I've come to realize that Christine's story simply isn't going to fit in one book, which means Fighting For Freedom is now part one of a two-book set.

I spent the last few days asking around and sort of quietly collecting votes on what you guys wanted to see at the end of this first book. The options were: "cliffhanger," or "happy for now," and at this point we've got a rather determined tie. In order to satisfy the voters on both sides, I've worked out a combination, which I'm calling a "happy for now cliffhanger." It's enough to leave you wanting more, but it's definitely one of the stronger moments in Christine's journey.

As I work toward the release of Fighting For Freedom, my thoughts are turning steadily toward what I will write next, and I've even been asked a time or two by various fans. So here's the part where you're the boss, loves. I'd love for you to tell me what YOU would like to see next, by simply voting in the poll on Facebook.

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