50 Random Things About Me, Part 1

When I did my first personal YouTube video, I went on the hunt for more blog and video ideas - and one of the ideas I really loved was a post (or video) listing 50 random things about myself. There are tons of videos like this on YouTube, so I thought it would be fun to play with it here instead. I can also promise that these things are totally random, even if some of them are a little wordy.

Ready for Random? Here goes ... Part one of:

  1. I am terrified of bugs. I don't mind ladybugs as long as they don't surprise me; I like butterflies but I wouldn't want one landing on me, and I don't mind flies other than to be annoyed by them. But spiders, crickets, and most other little creepy crawlies seriously make me so anxious that I get all nauseous and jittery.
  2. I named my daughters after my favorite flowers. My oldest daughter's second middle name is Rose, and my youngest daughter's first middle name is Lily.
  3. I am totally a dog person. I love most animals, but for a pet, I will almost always go for a dog. Even when I have previously decided otherwise, I will usually revert back and ultimately end up with a dog. I love their loyalty, their protection, and their gentleness with their humans. My connection to dogs is so ingrained that I once took a "What's Your Spirit Animal" quiz, and came up with  ... WOLF. Not exactly a shocker, right? I would actually like to get more familiar with horses someday, though.
  4. I was raised a Christian - and I am a Christian now - but for over a decade in my early youth, I was not a Christian. The years that I spent exploring my spirituality through other religious practices have lead to me being more sure today of what I believe, but a great deal more tolerant of the beliefs of others, too.
  5. I once had my tongue pierced. I was around seventeen when I had it done, and the only reason my mom gave me permission to do it is because I'm afraid of needles; she didn't think I'd have the guts to go through with it. I nearly passed out from the adrenaline rush when it was over, but I loved it while it lasted. I finally took the piercing out earlier this year.
  6. I am really crafty and I love working with my hands. I can knit and crochet reasonably well, I have a decent eye for interior decorating, and I really really love to design and build furniture. I can embroider slowly but decently, and if I had a refresher course, I can cross stitch, too. However, I absolutely cannot sew. I mean, I can go through the motions - but for some reason, my sewing always seems to fall apart.
  7. I have mild heterochromia. Sometimes when you look at me it'll seem like I have blue eyes. Sometimes they seem green or hazel. The truth is, one eye has always been more blue, and the other is more green. However, as I'm getting older, my eyes are both a bit more hazel than they were before.
  8. Honesty is maybe the most important thing in the world to me, especially in any sort of relationship. I can't stand to be lied to, and I will often say things I probably shouldn't say, for the sake of being honest. For this reason, I don't get asked a lot of questions; people are often afraid of what the answer might be.
  9. I am a marathon sneezer. When my allergies act up, I rarely sneeze less than twice, and I have sneezed as many as eight times in a row before. Lucky for the people around me, I have better manners than to just let them rip. I cover my face like a lady, thanks.
  10. I never wear shorts. Ever. I'm not really sure why, but I just don't like them. I don't even own one pair of shorts.
...To Be Continued...

I hope you had fun reading my facts. Now help me have some fun too. Leave me one random fact about YOU in the comments.


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