The last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me, with lots of little things happening, none of which left me with an awful lot to say. Therefore, the five biggest bullet updates from my last few weeks:

  • I've been writing, though not as regularly as I have wanted to - but this second version of Michael Kingsley's story feels so much more authentic. It flows more smoothly, and I think my muse is with me again, though the going is still very slow. I was hoping to have this story finished and in print by February, when I'll be at a meet and greet at the Maynardville Public Library, but it isn't looking very likely. It is coming along nicely though, and I am loving watching this story unfold.
  • My family had a pretty decent Christmas, even though several of us got the flu (there are still two sick and one extra paranoid, thanks for asking), including me. It was so awful. But on the plus side? I got a snuggie this year ... Finally! And I love it!
  • I read a book that is so amazing, it almost makes me forget the many times that I had an author crush collapse in 2014 after reading the author's well marketed but terribly executed books. This books outshines every book I've read this year, and I seriously loved it so much that I'm still not sure how to review it. Let's just say that particular author reserved her place pretty much forever on my author heroes list. I'll tell you more about that soon though, when I review the book.
  • I thought up and wrote down an AMAZING plot for a story series, but that's all I can tell you about that just yet. I have the outline of the series already started, the first book and all of its chapters already titled, and suffice it to say I am wildly excited -- even though that particular project is pretty far down my list. What's the list, you ask? First up, I'm putting all of my energy toward finishing More Than Friends, which is the fourth book in the Kingsley Series. This one follows Michael Kingsley as he learns to let go of past love so that he can try again with a well loved character from an earlier book. Next, I'll be working on the second book in my fantasy Selkie Trilogy, which will be simply titled, Selkie II. After that, I'll be throwing myself into the sequel to Fighting For Freedom, which will be called Still Fighting For Freedom and will follow the second part of Christine Matthews' journey of escape from domestic violence.
  • This one's for writers: I've been joking for years that I need to go on a writer's retreat, just lock myself away somewhere, shut out the world, and write. But then I thought, how much more fun and productive could that time be if there were other author's along to learn from and talk to and stay accountable with? I spent some time thinking on that, and ended up with an AWESOME idea to plan a writer's retreat! So I'm moving forward with plans for something of that kind, and I couldn't be more excited. Interested authors please fill out this form.
Oh, and my PA/cousin/editor/bestie/right hand? She got engaged and will be getting married in 2015! So if you're reading this, leave a comment to congratulate her and send her your best wishes. I'll make sure she sees it!


  1. Congrats to your cousin/PA on her engagement
    My hubby & I just celebrated being married 14 years yesterday

    1. That's amazing, Karen! Congratulations to you too, then!


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