Change of Plans

Originally, my plan was to hold Courageous until the first of August, release it then for pre-order, and have it go live on the twentieth. I'm still planning to go live on the twentieth, but since everything was finished for Courageous before the first, I went ahead and uploaded everything when it was finished.

As of now, I'm still waiting for a few publishers to catch up and get Courageous set up on their platforms, but it's already live for pre-order on Amazon and Kobo! In the meantime, here's some fun news you may not have been aware of, especially if you're new to this site:

I'm giving away one signed paperback copy and five e-copies of Courageous on release-day, just for fun. This contest is a great way for you to try my writing if you haven't yet, although I will admit this short story is slightly different than the full length romance novels I usually write. It's the same clean style, the same meticulous editing, and the same real characters I'm proud to create - and even though it's not exactly a straight romance, there's the still the same honest love that's always present in my stories.

I've written contemporary romance (The Kingsley Series), romantic fantasy (The Selkie Trilogy), and romantic women's fiction (Fighting For Freedom). I'm calling Courageous a romantic suspense, and coming in at just under twelve thousand words, this is a fun, easy read to indulge in. Also, since the book will be listed for just .99, you can only beat that price one way - win a copy for *free!

*Free copies will be gifted through Amazon Kindle on August 20th.
Winners should contact me by email at
with their preferred email address before 7pm, August 19th, 2015,
United States Eastern Standard Time.