An Earworm Infestation - 10 Holiday Tunes You Won't Want To Stop Singing

Really, this should have been no surprise at all, what with the weather getting colder and the seasons changing over as winter comes on. The Christmas season always leaves my family and I ripe for them - earworms.

We have a shed in our backyard, and it's full of random stuff - clothes that are too small for Joey but still big enough for Eden, furniture we should really get rid of, toys the kids don't play with anymore. Old things we probably don't need. Recently, I've been searching through the shed, getting rid of things, donating whatever's still useful. And with Christmas coming, it just feels good to do it, you know? To clear away the clutter, and to do it in a way that's helpful to others.

But I get bored out there by myself, avoiding spiders that have come in to hide from the cold, cobwebs that may or may not fall on me and send me screaming into the yard like an idiot, and bad memories that accidentally got stored among the boxes. So ... I take a pocketful of earworms with me when I go out there - in the form of my favorite Christmas album. Haha, I had you going there for a second, didn't I?

But what the heck are earworms anyway, right?

Earworms are "sticky" songs, songs that get into your head and just won't go away, songs that play themselves over and over in your memory, sometimes for hours, usually without your consent. These songs are why we joke about being "Rick rolled," why we have memes all over the internet about how common it is to hear a simple turn of phrase and have our minds instantly connect to music we may even have thought we'd forgotten. Some of us (like me) will even burst into song out loud, mid conversation, which I suppose switches back and forth from being hilarious to being annoying for those subjected to these unexpected musical interludes.

I've always had this, this tendency to have songs just get randomly stuck in my head - often, it happens in such a way that they become nearly impossible to remove ... unless I do it by replacing one "sticky" song with another.

And in the winter time, that's when it gets really bad - because I no longer have any power at all over what earworms I'm going to encounter. Every store is playing holiday music, every radio station switches over to the merriment of the Christmas season. TV shows are focused on the holidays, movie channels are focused on the holidays, and half of YouTube is getting ready for Vlogmas, the practice of vlogging from December 1 until Christmas. Often, their vlogs are about their Christmas prep, their shopping, their cooking, their travel plans.

Their holiday tunes. "Just hear those sleigh bells jinglin', ting-ting-tinglin' toooo ... come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youuuuuu ..."

So I thought, what better time for a list of my Top Ten Favorite Holiday Tunes - I mean, besides the Snowed In album that I still listen to about a million times every holiday season? The following playlist is ten of my all-time favorite Christmas songs - the ones I still like no matter how many times I hear them, the ones I know by heart ... the ones I can't help singing along to, regardless of the season. Enjoy, and I hope these tunes help make your Christmas as merry as mine.

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