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Photo Courtesy of Southern Compassion Photography, 2017.
As a child, Brandi Kennedy was a troubled soul, a witness to unspeakable acts - she was a survivor before she even knew she was a warrior. Through her love of reading, she found temporary escape from the abuse that was an ever-present part of her childhood; through writing, she's found healing and renewed life.

These days, Brandi is a romance novelist and mental health and lifestyle blogger who spends her moments writing her way toward her dreams. Through self-expression, the courage to share honestly, and the desire to weave words into the very magic she once used as escape, Brandi is learning to embrace life as an Undaunted Woman - and hoping to welcome others along on the ride.

In poetry, she expresses the challenges of life as an emotional woman, the highs and lows of life with PTSD, and the incredible joy of mothering the children who have saved her life. In fiction, she creates courageous female characters perfectly complemented by the strong but gentle men who love them. She creates stories that move and inspire, characters that are real enough to be felt in the heart, and romances that leave your heart aching in the best way possible. On her blog, she welcomes her readers into her life without hesitation, sharing stories from the past, anecdotes from the present, and her hopes and dreams for the future.

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