My Books

Searching for a classic contemporary romance? Introduce yourself to The Kingsley Series, a series of standalone novels that focus on the lives and loves of the Kingsley family members. Watch them grow, learn, and fall in love as they come to grips with some of life's heavier dealings.

Prefer a romantic fantasy world that you can really get lost in? Immerse yourself in the Selkie world with The Selkie Trilogy, a fantasy romance series that will take you to new highs while allowing you to explore a culture you've never imagined, and experience an adventure you'll never forget.

Seeking something with a little more personal power? Look no further than The Freedom Series, an unbelievable story of personal triumph over unspeakable adversity.

Prefer to stay away from series' because you hate waiting on the next book? That's alright, too. For a list of my single titles, please click here.