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There's nothing quite as fun as finding someone you can connect to on a deeper level, whether that's through reading a blog, keeping up with a YouTube channel, or even scouring a Twitter feed. From Instagram to Snapchat to Google+ to LinkedIn, we spend our days more connected to other people than ever before - and while we're always seeing news articles about how important it is to limit "screen time" and "unplug" for a while, I'm not sure I like those concepts entirely, and here's why.

Social media allows me to interact with my loved ones on my time - allowing for the quiet I sometimes need on the days when I'm extra anxious, extra busy, or extra depressed. On the other hand, social media keeps me connected - if people who care about me don't hear from me for too long, they bombard me with messages until I come out of the funk to check in. There are days when this level of connectivity is a godsend for me, as I cherish the reminders that I am present in the thoughts of those who care about me.

Social media has enriched my life and brought friendships back to me that otherwise might have been lost. When I was sixteen, my mother and I moved to Tennessee from our little central Florida town, and while it was a great adventure for me that opened up so many things in my life (and saved mom and I from some rather urgent circumstances), this also cut me off in a very painful way from friends that I had been close with all of my life. I missed them terribly - and while the internet was just starting to find its way into many homes, for a long time, mine wasn't one of them. Letters between my friends and I (the few that I had even had time to say goodbye to) became fewer and farther between, and eventually the number of times mom and I moved stopped the letters from finding me at all. I had lost touch with people that I had loved dearly ... but Facebook gave those people back to me. All of them. And I know sometimes we get too tied to our devices and we forget to look away from our screens to spend time with real people, but the truth is, while I get just as overwhelmed with social media as anyone else, I can't help but love it for the way it keeps me connected to my friends, my family, and you, my readers.

Still, I'm not signed on to every platform, and I'm not always active on the ones I use - but I'm out there, and I'd love to interact with my readers on a more personal level so definitely feel free to spend a few minutes checking out my social media profiles! Follow me when you stop by, and make sure to leave a comment so that we can get to know each other a little.

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I'm also on LinkedIn (although I rarely ever use it) - and for those of you who prefer more personal and less public interaction, you can always shoot me a private email at This is an email that I check personally - and I will answer every email that requires one - but since I'm squeezing it between writing and everything else, please understand that I don't always manage to get back to everyone right away.

The last (and perhaps my most favorite) way to get in touch with me is through the regular old fashioned postal system. You can send mail to me at my P.O. Box at any time; it's always a thrill to get a card or letter from one of my readers or someone who connects personally to my content.

For those of you who follow me because of my novels, feel free to send me a copy of any of my books along with adequate return shipping, I will happily sign and personalize the book and send it back to you. I may even sneak surprises into the return package because I'm fun like that. The address is:

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So go on, check me out. I'd love to get to know you better!