Sponsors & Affiliates

In January 2017, I started to increase my efforts to build this site as a lifestyle blog, and I also began increasing my efforts to monetize the site in general. The fall of 2016 was also the fall of my rocky relationship with my kids's dad - and as I embarked on my journey as a single mother, the need to increase my earnings, as well as the desire to grow as an entrepreneur, encouraged me to begin following a path that would add this blog to my list of small passive sources of income.

Already, I make small incomes from each of my books, my Patreon sponsors, and my stock dividend growth - but unfortunately, none of those incomes were enough to support my family. Those incomes combined weren't enough either, and so I chose to activate Google Adsense on this site, which has helped some as the website grew - and it is my most fervent dream that these small streams will grow steadily until they become enough.

In the meantime, I'm also opening this site to sponsored and affiliate-supported posts, so I thought I should introduce what that means for the site in general.

Although I love the idea of getting paid to blog, I don't love it enough to sacrifice my personal sense of integrity. Thus, I am accepting proposals to sponsor posts about products and companies, but my posts will always be 100% honest. I won't push a company I don't believe in, and I won't promote a product I don't genuinely love. That being said, I'm generally pretty easy to please, so if you're interested in sponsoring a post on this site by means of compensation or the provision of product samples, please contact me by sending an email to authorbrandikennedy@gmail.com or by shipping your product or sample directly to me at the address listed below. Please note that my receipt of your product does not guarantee that I will write about it - or that I will write about it favorably.

      Brandi Kennedy
      P.O. Box 12035
      Knoxville, TN 37912

Previous companies I've worked with include:
  • BetterHelp (This company is amazing, and I love how perfectly they align with my message of pursuing better mental health and personal empowerment. Sponsored BetterHelp posts can be found here.)
  • EBeth's Jamberries (Elizabeth Legere is my Jamberry consultant, and she's directly responsible for how very much I have come to love this product already. Available posts about Jamberry can be found here.)
  • LoveBug Probiotics (All available posts for this company can be found here.)
  • Monq Aromatherapy 
  • Smile Brilliant (My review for this product - as well as any other posts, can be found here.)

In addition to accepting opportunities for sponsorship as a way to fund this blog and support my family, I am also learning to have fun with affiliate sales and promotions. Below, you'll find a list of the companies I've chosen to work with, as well as any active discount codes associated with my affiliations.

Amazon - Shop Amazon - Best Selling Products - Updated Every Hour

Coin Pop - An app that pays you to play games in your spare time? Why not?

Monq Aromatherapy - Get 10% off your first order of Monq products!

Smile Brilliant - 10% Off, Smile Brilliant Discount Code: authorbrandikennedy10

Strike Force Energy - 20% Off Strike Force Discount Code: AFLBRANDI8634