The Kingsley Series

 The Kingsley Series is a series of stand-alone contemporary romance novels, each connected to the next by the bond of family. Each book in this series follows the personal journey of one of the Kingsley couples -- however, each story is continued and updated in the following book. These books can be read in any order, but are best enjoyed in order of publication. This series contains mild sexual content. All available books in the Kingsley Series are available in paperback format at All available buy links will be listed below, at the end of a short introductory passage about each book.

In Fat Chance, you'll meet Cass Keaton, who struggles with the concepts of confidence and self-love. She's had a rough life, and her ability to see her own worth is damaged by the tests of time, the trials of being orphaned, and her harsh memories of bullying and rejection. Finally on the brink of doing the unthinkable, Cass seeks the help of a therapist, and this one choice changes her life in ways she wouldn't even have dared to dream. (Now FREE on AmazoniBooks, NookKobo, and Inktera/Page Foundry.)

In Prescription For Love, you'll have the chance to attend the very first Kingsley wedding. You'll also meet Cameron Kingsley, a jaded but very successful wedding planner who doesn't believe in forever. She has experienced the very worst of the dating world, and she's seen more marriages fall apart than she'd care to admit. But with a little encouragement from her family, the right kind of pressure from a certain sexy therapist, and the courage of an unbreakable spirit, Cameron just might be willing to try one more time ... (Purchase for Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Kobo. Also available on Inktera/Page Foundry.)

In Wrestling Harmony, you'll get to know the youngest girl in the Kingsley family. Harmony's biggest dream is now behind her, unaccomplished and out of reach. There's no going back though, and she has no choice but to move on. Some choice encounters with a prickly local athlete get her all hot and bothered, but she's not ready to risk her heart. But on her quest for a new career, she finds a connection she hadn't had the courage to wish for, and a new path that she can walk confidently. Armed with a fresh new perspective, Harmony begins to plan an entirely new future she never even knew was possible. (Purchase for Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Kobo. Also available on Inktera/Page Foundry.)

In More Than Friends, Michael Kingsley is nursing a still-broken heart. He's the first and only member of his family to ever be divorced, and the failure of his marriage has caused significant damage to his confidence as a man. Still, life goes on. He goes to work, he pays his bills, and he sometimes spends his nights with women he doesn't love. He drinks more than he ought to, and he turns to his best friend for support. But when his mother is hospitalized with an illness-related injury, it's that same best friend who steps up in a whole new way. Now Michael's seeing Renee in a different light. Will she be the one who can finally heal his heart and help him move on? (Purchase for KindleiBooksNook, or Kobo. Also available on Inktera/Page Foundry.)