What Makes An Undaunted Woman?

What Is "Undaunted" Anyway?
To be undaunted means to be unhindered by the challenges life throws at us. It means being strong enough to keep moving when we're not sure we can. It means looking life dead in the face, giving our problems the middle finger, and making sure that one way or another, we triumph over everything that comes our way.

Knowing an "Undaunted" Woman When You See One:
If she's survived trauma of any kind, if she's walked away from a toxic relationship, if she's recovered from financial hardship, if she's conquered addiction or found a way to succeed with mental illness, she is undaunted. If she's building a life no one (including her) ever thought she could have, she is undaunted. If she's ever saved a life, stepped up to protect a child, or stood up to someone (or something) determined to hold her down, she is undaunted.

If she's stronger now because she's been weak enough to be taken advantage of ...
If she's more cautious now because naivete left her too unguarded to protect herself ...
If she's broken and impoverished because life mistook her kindness for weakness ...
If she's making a way through the darkness where there was no way to be found ...
If she's still fighting to get ahead and even she doesn't know how she manages it ...
If she's ever faced giving up and chosen to keep on keeping on ...

Then she is the very embodiment of everything the word undaunted means.

Do You Know An Undaunted Woman Who Might Be Willing To Share Her Wisdom With Others?
I would love to interview undaunted women on the blog, so that other women still in the midst of life's struggles can learn from and be inspired by female survivors who are taking the world by storm and living life on their own terms. But I think the best and most fun way to find undaunted women to interview would be if YOU nominate your favorite heroine to be interviewed here on the blog! Nomination is quick and simple: all you need to do is hit me up on social media and say:
"I nominate _____ as an #undauntedwoman because __________! http://tiny.cc/undauntedwoman" (Click to Tweet/Copy)
Not enough room to fit it all in a tweet? That's okay - you can use photos, videos, blog posts, memes - whatever you want - and this isn't limited to Twitter! BUT in order to ensure that your nomination gets seen and counted, you MUST make sure that your posts:
  • include the tinyurl included above!
  • include the hashtag #undauntedwoman!
  • are marked public - if they aren't public, unfortunately they won't be counted.
  • tag me AND your nominee (I'm @brandikennedy84 on Twitter, and @AuthorBrandiKennedy on Instagram and Facebook), so that I see the post and your friend knows they've been nominated.
Once a month, I'll scroll through and choose an undaunted woman to feature in an interview, asking questions about what she's overcome and how she thinks her struggle has been a beneficial part of her strength in survival. So go on, hit your social media and get those nominations flowing!

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