Sunday, October 20, 2013

Twitter Fun, Again

A while back I blogged about how fun it can be to watch the thread of "trending" topics and hashtags on Twitter. I posted some of my tweets and shared some of the really more fun tweets that I'd seen with the more amusing topics and hashtags that popped up on my timeline.

Well, I'm at it again. This morning, I saw that #20ThingsAboutMe was trending, and since I just recently did a post series sharing 50 Random Things About Me, I thought it would be fun to see if I could come up with 20 new things. And to save you the trouble of going over to my twitter page to check out my #20ThingsAboutMe posts, I'm sharing them here!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

50 Random Things About Me, Part 5

Wow, this is it! And let me tell you guys, it was so hard to think of fifty random things about myself! I was trying to stay away from too much "favorite" stuff, but the other side of that is that I have trouble choosing favorites of stuff. There are a few things that are solid (sapphire = favorite gemstone), but most other things like books and movies and music, I have so many favorites that I can't choose just one.

Whoops, I guess that last bit there makes it fifty-one random things about me, doesn't it?
Here are links to the first parts: One, Two, Three, and Four.

Anyway, here we go with the last segment of my:

  1. I have a small (nearly invisible) birthmark on the inside of my right calf. It looks like this.
  2. I can't sleep unless I am cold. My whole family complains about my turning the a/c down at night, but I can't help it. I literally cannot sleep unless I am cold enough to need a blanket, which takes a lot because I am a hot-blooded person.
  3. I also can't sleep or be comfortable if there is anything too close to my face. I will go into a full-on panic, feeling like I can't breathe. For this reason, I can't pull the covers any higher than my shoulders, and if they creep up too far while I sleep, it will actually wake me up. The odd part about this is that I am not generally claustrophobic.
  4. I am not comfortable with big changes or sudden changes. I like knowing where my life is going and how I'm going to get there. On the other hand ...
  5. I LOVE SURPRISES. This can be gifts, phone calls, unexpected texts that tell me someone is thinking of me, anything. I just love surprises. You know, if it's the good kind.
  6. I come from a musically inclined family. My maternal grandmother used to sing, my father used to sing a little, my mother played the violin, my cousin played the flute. And I played the clarinet. To this day, I still miss it. I keep saying one day I will buy a new clarinet and re-teach myself to play it, but I haven't done it yet. I also tried guitar once, but my fingers are too short to play properly.
  7. I find figure skating to be completely beautiful and very relaxing to watch. I have never been ice skating though ... I'm too afraid of falling and cutting myself on the blades.
  8. My first car was a grey Buick Century, and it was so old that I can't even remember what year model it was. The frame was bent on the driver's door though, so every time it rained, I'd get soaked driving it. I couldn't wash it either, because of that. The brakes were somehow always bad, there was always something broken, and it was about 50 Shades of Grey way back in the early 2000's before that became cool. To this day, it'll always be remembered like this.
  9. I tend to connect songs (and sometimes movies) to specific memories and people. Everyone I know has a song that is "theirs" in my mind, and there are a few people who have movies, also.
  10. My first orgasm was while reading a book, in the closet, in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping. And it was completely unexpected (there was no touchy-feely stuff, just reading, I promise!) and rather frightening at the time since I was very young. I probably shouldn't have been reading lady porn historical romance at that age. Obviously I'm getting desperate for facts, but I figured since I'm a romance author, that one would be alright and fully appropriate. And who knows, maybe that's why I love books so much, hmm??
And there you have it.
50 Random Things About Me.

Did we share any "things" in common? Anything else you'd like to know?
Questions you'd like to ask now that you've read these?
Tell me in the comments!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

50 Random Things About Me, Part 4

For anyone coming late to the game, you can check out the early posts in this series as follows:
Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. That should catch you up for part four of:

  1. I have a tattoo of a boutonniere on the outside of my left calf. There are two flowers -- a rose for my oldest daughter, and a lily for my youngest.
  2. The boutonniere is a cover-up. The tattoo was originally a flower, but no longer reflected my tastes, and there were several mistakes in it that made me hate it since the moment I first looked at the finished product. The cover-up, though, is AMAZING!!
  3. I hate the word "moist," and I refuse to use it to describe anything. I'm not even really sure why, because the word in itself is not gross or anything, and it really does describe the perfect cake perfectly ... but, um, no. I hate that word.
  4. I can actually say that music has literally saved my life, I can say it without exaggeration. Music means the world to me, and has gotten me through the very hardest moments of my life. I can't go a day without listening to music of some kind.
  5. I was born on a Friday.
  6. I can't choose a favorite Disney movie, but my favorite hunky Disney guy was ... well, I can't choose one of those either.
  7. I would like very much to work with an architect to design my own home someday, and make it perfectly suit my tastes. And then I'd love to fill it with furniture that I designed and built on my own.
  8. In contrast with that dream, I am generally very thrifty, and it sometimes is literally painful to me to spend money. I grew up very very poor, and I have periods in my life where there wasn't even money to eat, let alone pay bills. Because of this, I'm pretty sure that I have an actual phobia about being broke. Too bad I'm usually broke ... this means I spend a lot of time needlessly anxious about money.
  9. When I haven't had enough sleep, I am a horrible person. I'm grouchy and sarcastic and generally a complete @$$hole.
  10. I find the craziest things to be utterly hilarious. One time, I found a thing online that made a joke about the Harry Potter line about Page 394, and I laughed so hard I cried and nearly made myself sick. I tend to be a serious person, but somehow I'm also very easily amused.
...To Be Continued...

I can't even tell you guys how fun it has been to think of these!
We've just got one more post to go to finish the series, so I'll see you back here tomorrow.
In the meantime, leave me a fun random fact about you in the comments!

Friday, October 11, 2013

50 Random Things About Me, Part 3

For the past few days, I've been working on listing my 50 random things about myself. I've done the first set of ten things (1-10), and the second set of ten things (11-20), so today we're on to the next set.

  1. I am FRAGILE. Seriously, handle with care. Because in the spring of 2012, I broke my foot just by walking. I stepped my right foot over a baby gate, then stepped my left foot over -- and I ended up somehow breaking the fifth metatarsal of my left foot. Until that point though, I'd never broken anything. Hey, I made it to 28 years old though ...
  2. I have two brothers; one is older and one is younger. And I am almost exactly seven years in the middle.
  3. I am almost painfully shy in new situations, and I tend to end up looking standoffish. I have even backed out of doing things or going places because I was so anxious about the idea of being there and interacting with people that I didn't know.
  4. When I was really little, I was riding my bike and forgot how to work the brakes. They were the kind where you had to push the pedals backward, and I couldn't remember how to stop, so I had to stop by running into a tree and crashing my bike.
  5. I'm more than a little bit OCD. When I hang or fold clothes, they have to be a certain way. If someone else does it for me, I will thank them for their help, but then I will quietly redo the job. I also like to keep CD's and DVD's organized aphabetically, and my kitchen cupboards usually look like store shelves, with all the cans sorted and stacked and facing forward. Most of these things can be passed off as just being proof that I'm organized ... but I do have an odd thing about even numbers for things like volume and stuff. Example -- when I order chicken nuggets and they come in a five-pack, I will give one away instead of eating it.
  6. My dream vacation is a year-long, world-wide cruise. But only if there's a way for me to take my cell phone because ...
  7. I am addicted to my technology. I am on my cell phone constantly, and I use my bluetooth so much that I only take it out of my ear to sleep, shower, or charge it.
  8. Before I had my oldest daughter, I had my belly button pierced, but I had to take it out when I realized that I was pregnant and it was causing the piercing to not heal properly.
  9. I have the strangest dreams sometimes. Once, I dreamed that it was the apocalypse and I was with a bunch of friends, trying to find a place to hide safely from the government. Which might only have been "odd" -- until you factor in the fact that we were all various characters from My Little Ponies. And then it goes right past "odd" and hits "bizarre." My cousin Dana (who is also my editor), was Apple Jack.
  10. Speaking of Dana, since she lives in a small (REALLY SMALL) town in a county that's kind of backwoods and she loves it, but I'm thoroughly a big city girl at heart, we have a running joke where she is "Country Mouse" and I am "City Mouse."
...To Be Continued...

If you're enjoying my facts, tell me one of yours in the comments.
I'd love to hear something unique about you!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

50 Random Things About Me, Part 2

Yesterday, this series started with the first ten of fifty random things about me, and today is part two of the post series. If you'd like to read the first post in the series or see where the idea came from, you can check that out here. Today we're starting with #11 in my list of:

  1. I am basically a book hoarder, and I have over two hundred books, not counting the ones on my Kindle account. There are so many books in my apartment that I actually don't have proper storage for all of them, so I just have them stacked randomly around the house, wherever I can find room (mostly the master bedroom). But I am trying to fix this, by reading them and buying the keepers on Kindle so that I can get rid of the stacks.
  2. I am a total wrestling fanatic. I watch WWE constantly, and I record the shows on my DVR for later if I don't actually have time to watch it when it is on. This amounts to over 6 hours of wrestling TV a week, and because of this, I don't actually watch a lot of other shows regularly. However, I have never been to a live show, though I'd really love to.
  3. I have full-blooded Native American women in the same place on both sides of my family tree (my grandmothers' grandmothers).
  4. I'm short. Like, I'm super, really, really short. Like, five foot two short. Yeah. Short.
  5. I have a total obsession for foreign accents. I am not always able to recognize the country of origin, so I'd probably not be able to tell where someone is from (unless it's one of the really obvious ones), but I love pretty much all accents -- British, Australian, Irish and Scottish are my favorites, and French and Russian are pretty cool, too.
  6. I was once fluent in French, but I remember very little of the language today, due to lack of practice.
  7. I am also a little obsessed with historical tragedies like the Holocaust, the sinking of the Titanic, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the USA.
  8. I was betting on my talent as a writer all the way back in fifth grade. When the year was over and school was letting out, I had bet a boy in my class that I'd be published by sixth grade (cute, huh?). The deal was, if I wasn't published, I owed him $50. But if I did manage to get published, he would have to deal with my ridiculous gloating. I also quite confidently told him that  if I won the bet, he wouldn't owe me anything, because I'd obviously be so rich that his money wouldn't matter. Writing this and remembering back then, it makes me laugh. Kids really do say the darndest things. And honestly, I'd forgotten about this until just recently, when I saw his name on Facebook and learned through the grapevine that he was murdered in September of this year. (RIP Cornell, and may your family see justice served.)
  9. I have a serious yearning for travel, though I have never been able to really travel before. There are so many places that I want to go and things that I'd like to see, that I actually have a real Bucket List. It's a work in progress, but you can see it here.
  10. I am SUCH a prude. I can't use "dirty" words, except for with very few people that I'm very comfortable with. I struggle to talk about bodily functions, even when it is necessary to do so, and I still haven't been able to force myself to teach my kids the anatomically correct names for their more private parts. I know I should, and I know that they need to know, but I just can't do it.

...To Be Continued...
I hope you loved reading these as much as I loved thinking them up.
And now, it's your turn. Leave me a comment, and tell me a random thing about you.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

50 Random Things About Me, Part 1

When I did my first personal YouTube video, I went on the hunt for more blog and video ideas. One of the ideas I found that I really loved was the idea of doing a post (or video) with a list of 50 random things about myself. There are tons of videos like this on YouTube, so I thought it would be fun to play with it here instead.

I can also promise that these things are totally random, even if some of them are a little wordy.

Ready for Random?
Here goes ... Part one of:

  1. I am terrified of bugs. I don't mind ladybugs as long as they don't surprise me; I like butterflies but I wouldn't want one landing on me, and I don't mind flies other than to be annoyed by them. But spiders, crickets, and most other little creepy crawlies seriously make me so anxious that I get all nauseous and jittery.
  2. I named my daughters after my favorite flowers. My oldest daughter's second middle name is Rose, and my youngest daughter's first middle name is Lily.
  3. I am totally a dog person. I love most animals, but for a pet, I will almost always go for a dog. Even when I have previously decided otherwise, I will usually revert back and ultimately end up with a dog. I love their loyalty, their protection, and their gentleness with their humans. My connection to dogs is so ingrained that I once took a "What's Your Spirit Animal" quiz, and came up with  ... WOLF. I would like to get more familiar with horses someday, though.
  4. I was raised a Christian, and I am a Christian now, but for over a decade in my early youth, I was not a Christian. The years that I spent exploring my spirituality have lead to me being more sure today of what I believe, and yet more tolerant of other's beliefs, too.
  5. I once had my tongue pierced. I was around seventeen when I had it done, and the only reason my mom gave me permission to do it is because I am afraid of needles and she didn't think I'd have the guts to go through with it. I nearly passed out from the adrenaline rush when it was over. I finally took the piercing out earlier this year.
  6. I am really crafty and I love working with my hands. I can knit and crochet reasonably well, I have a decent eye for interior decorating, and I really really love to design and build furniture. I can embroider fairly well, and if I had a refresher course, I can cross stitch decently. However, I absolutely cannot sew. I mean, I can go through the motions, but for some reason, my sewing always seems to fall apart.
  7. I have mild heterochromia. Sometimes when you look at me it'll seem like I have blue eyes. Sometimes they seem green or hazel. The truth is, one eye has always been more blue, and the other is more green. However, as I'm getting older, my eyes are both a bit more hazel than they were before.
  8. Honesty is maybe the most important thing in the world to me, especially in any sort of relationship. I can't stand to be lied to, and I will often say things I probably shouldn't say, for the sake of being honest. For this reason, I don't get asked a lot of questions, because people are often afraid of what the answer might be.
  9. I am a marathon sneezer. When my allergies act up, I rarely sneeze less than twice, and I have sneezed as many as eight times in a row before. Lucky for the people around me, I have better manners than to just let them rip -- I cover my face like a lady, thanks.
  10. I never wear shorts. Ever. I'm not really sure why, but I just don't like them. I don't even own one pair of shorts.
...To Be Continued...

I hope you had fun reading my facts. Now help me have some fun too.
Leave me one random fact about YOU in the comments.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kingsley Series, 2nd Editions

As I began the writing of Wrestling Harmony, I reread Fat Chance and Prescription For Love, planning to refresh my memory of the details and nuances of the characters involved. Also, while browsing around the web, my editor stumbled over the PERFECT background for the cover, which led to an entirely new idea for the look of the series. A new idea that fits the playful nature of the Kingsley family.

I got really excited about freshening and brightening up the black covers of the Kingsley series and putting something on them that better reflects the playful family feel of the books. I even designed several versions of the new idea, checking it out to see if it was really what I wanted to do. And I have a fresh new design that's unique and I love it. 

Like, I really, really love it.
Only one problem.

I like the black covers, too. On the e-books, they look just a bit plain ... just a bit ... boring. But on the paperback? They are very nice. I've been told that they look elegant in their simplicity. See?

And they really look beautiful sitting next to each other on a shelf.
But in the e-book format, they really are a bit plain-looking.

Once I'd made the new designs, though, I loved them enough that I want to make them available in paperback too. In surveying the people that I know, I found about half that prefer the simple, elegant look, and about half that prefer the new playful look.

What to do?
What to do?

In order to make both covers available in paperback, all of the Kingsley books will soon be available with BOTH covers, with the "2nd Edition" paperbacks featuring the new design on the outside, and fresh new edits on the inside. The e-book will be changed to feature the new design exclusively, and will also be updated to include the new edits.

What do you think, and which cover do you prefer?
Sound off in the comments below.