The Freedom Series

The Freedom Series is a series of women's fiction romance novels. The series begins with Christine Matthews's journey from victim of domestic violence to victorious conqueror of circumstances. Later in the series, we'll see the rest of Christine's story, as well as get to know other strong and resilient characters, each one fighting for freedom, each one desperate to escape prisons of their own making. As some stories continue from one book to the next, these books are best enjoyed in order of publication. Some books in this series contain strong or violent situations and graphic sexual scenes, which may be triggers for past victims of rape and/or domestic violence. All available books in the Freedom Series are available in e-book and paperback format at Other buy links will be listed at the end of a short introductory passage about each book.

In Fighting For Freedom: "He'd finally done it. He'd beaten me to death. For years, I'd been taking it, accepting the beatings, silently believing the worthlessness he saw in me. I'd obeyed his rules, I'd catered to his whims. I finally woke up in a hospital bed. Bruised, broken, in shock. That was the moment. In that moment, I knew that I had to get out. I loved my husband. I missed him. But I needed more than he would ever offer. I deserved more than I'd been given, more than flying fists and fragile tempers. I deserved to wear what I chose. I deserved to go where I wanted. I deserved goodnight kisses. I deserved gentle touches. I deserved to feel loved, and not possessed." WARNING: Although it is meant to be a story of hope and physical empowerment, this book is focused on the topic of domestic violence and abuse, and it does contain scenes of extreme violence as well as some very strong language. It is NOT suitable for young readers. (Purchase for Kindle, iBooks, NookKobo, or Inktera/Page Foundry.)