Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day: What It Means To Be A Dad

In May, I talked about Mother's Day and the difference between being a mother and being a Mom. I talked honestly about how motherhood isn't always the number-one-best part of my life, but also talked about how there's nothing that would make me want NOT to be a mother. Mostly though, the post was meant to outline the differences between a person who has been biologically successful at having a child and a person who has taken the time to create an emotional bond that stands the test of time - the kind of bond that survives rejection and sadness, overwork and underpay, and sometimes outright desperation of more kinds than I care to list here.

This applies to fatherhood too - because while it only takes a few blissful minutes and one wildly determined little sperm to create the beginnings of a human child, it takes so much more than that to create a parent. So with Father's Day being this past weekend, I thought it appropriate to explore fatherhood - and what it takes to make a father into a Dad.

Just like with motherhood, DNA creates fatherhood. It's simple science, the magic of our God-given biology. The joining of two people, two cells. And that's all it takes - boom! You're a father. One missed condom, one drunken night, one moment of physical need. Fatherhood.

But to be a Dad ... to choose a child above yourself in all things, to want the best for that little person even if you lose out in order to give to them, to care enough to nurture them, to guide them, to partner with them in building a future you may not even live to see ...

That's something different entirely.

I've talked very little about my own father here, because my relationship with him over the years has become something painful enough to avoid talking about. It would take more than one hand for me to count the times my father has somehow come up in conversation, only for the person I'm talking to to sit up a little straighter and say with surprise, "Oh! Your father's still alive, then?" And I tend to lower my eyes and say quietly, "Yeah, but it's complicated."

Now, raising two daughters who will also feel the same ways and say the same things, I'm forced to deal with my own issues so that I can coach my children through theirs, and the lack of what the women in my family experience in the way of fatherhood has really drawn a line for us as to what we think makes the difference between a father ... and a Dad.

I was a "Daddy's Girl" as a young child, and I can still vividly remember the sense of hero worship that filled me whenever I thought of him. My father was a huge man with a bull temper and a strong personality that could not be contained. He had a sensitive pride that was easily injured, and a big heart that loved well - when it loved. I remember him letting me play music he probably thought was horrible whenever we were in his car together - and not only did he let me choose the music, but he let me have my own preset button on the radio. And he would learn my music, too. I can close my eyes right now and see him, hunkered down, slouching off to the right, heavy elbow pressing deep into the console armrest between us, his low baritone belting out the lyrics to Ginuwine's Pony while I grinned to myself, proud of our closeness.

He loved music - probably still does, though I wouldn't know. My first introduction to the power of music was at his hands; we were in church and I looked up, following the scope of his big hands on the hymnal, The sight of tears streaming down his face as he sang, along with the tremble of his chin as he struggled to compose himself in that moment, stole the words of the song from my lips. I mumbled along, quietly, marveling. I wish I could remember what song that was - I too have wept through the words of countless songs, and I've wondered a time or two if maybe the same song that touched him so also touched me along the way.

We're estranged now, and have been for years - a wall of old hurt and resentful unforgiveness stands between us just as solidly as the wall that stands behind me right now as I'm writing this. There are some hurts that heal and scar over, becoming a part of the past - not quite disappearing, but ceasing at least to be painful. Others ... well, others remain, sensitive to the touch and flaring up again with the weather.

Despite the wall and various injuries that built it, the most valuable gift my father has given me over the years - the same gift my children are now receiving from theirs - is the stark and sometimes jarring contrast between what makes a father, and what makes a Dad.

A father is a man who might begrudgingly pay a little child support (if the mother is lucky), resentful of his need to do so. He might take his child(ren) for a weekend now and then, parking them in front of his television or video game while he tolerates the inconvenience of his visitation time. A father is a name on a birth certificate, a donator of genetic material.

But a Dad ... a Dad is something different entirely, a blessing and a guide, a teacher and a companion, an encourager, a protector, a safe haven.

A Dad is a man who doesn't just provide a game to play - he takes (or makes) the time to play it with you. A Dad gives his heart and his soul, so much more than the occasional set of school clothes.

A Dad is a man who never forgets your birthday, who keeps his word, who shows up when he's supposed to. A Dad is a man who swallows inconvenience for the sake of those he loves, who puts his kid's birthday parties and concert recitals ahead of TV football games and boxing matches.

A Dad is a man who calls you to see how you're doing, and lets you know that it's okay to not be okay. A man who praises you when you're doing well, and holds you up when you're not. He's a counselor, a friend - a safe place to hide from a world of judges.

A Dad is a man who wants the best for you - who wants to give you more than he had, who wants to see you rise above where he started, who wants to see you grow.

For a daughter, a Dad is the first man to hold her hand, the first to show her what it feels like to be cared for. A Dad is the first man a daughter dances with, the first man to hold the door for her, the first man to buy her flowers. For a daughter, a Dad is what to look for in a future Husband - the King who shows his Princess how to choose her Prince. Or how not to. For some daughters, a Dad becomes the first lesson on how to recover from heartbreak, how to survive not being enough, how to live with letdown.

For a son, a Dad is the strongest and most steady example a boy has of what to become when he grows up. A Dad is a lesson for Princes everywhere ... on how to become and behave as a King. Or again, how not to.

A Dad is strength gentled by compassion, hard lessons softened by love. And sure, he's imperfect. He messes up and makes mistakes - a Dad is, after all, only human, and at his core he is only a father like the rest. The difference - the one thing that pulls him over that line and makes him something he wasn't before - is in his willingness to make the effort over and over again, to reach out and reach out and reach out, to find the balance between endearing vulnerability and determined fortitude.

So although I skipped the public spectacle of Father's Day, I'd like to encourage men who are reading this: if you have children, don't just be a father. Don't throw a check at your children and call it a day, and don't come in and out of their lives, using them for your convenience. Take the time to be a Dad, make the effort to nurture a relationship that will enrich your life. Foster a bond with a person who will grow up to change the world - confident in the strength and guidance you gave them. Give your heart to being a Dad with the same enthusiasm you give to your other passions.

And if you're a child - grown or otherwise - who has a Dad that takes the time to be a Dad ... appreciate the gift that that is. Show your Dad some love, and let him know that you see and appreciate whatever he gave you over the years. Because your Dad? He's a gift not every kid is blessed with.
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To all the Dads out there - thank you for being dedicated! If you're reading this and loving it because you have an awesome Dad, share this post with him and let him know he's amazing even if it isn't Father's Day. Or if you're reading it and relating because it's all about what you want to be as a Dad, share this post with your kids and let them know how much you love them.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Motivation Monday: Build A Life of (Core) Value

Who we are as people - and where we go in life - will be largely determined by the principles that we see as important, the morals we adopt as humans, the beliefs that we hold dear. These things dictate our behavior, they decide who we are, and they influence where we draw the proverbial line between what is "right" and what is "wrong."

It was November of 2016 when I received confirmation that certain things I'd been living with for years were due to the presence of PTSD. It was only a few months before that that I found the similarities between PTSD and my own life, thanks to the teachings in a series of videos I found on YouTube. But through those teachings, I also found something else, something that's been brewing in my mind now for almost a year.

I found myself with a new curiosity - a fascination with core values as a subject in themselves. What constitutes a core value, and how do we begin to recognize which ones most matter to us as individuals? And how do you order them - how do you number them to figure out which ones are highest on your list? Beyond that ... how do you seek to create a life that most aligns with the values you value most?

Honestly, I'm still not sure what order my values go in - although I can say for sure that there are certain ones that stand out for me in ways that cannot be ignored. Integrity is one - I simply can't tolerate or respect people who don't hold this particular value in high regard. I need people in my life who value the things that Integrity embodies - honesty, dependability, solidity, kindness. I hope to embody those qualities myself for the most part, and so I find myself almost desperately frustrated when spending too much time with others who don't.

There are countless other values though, some of which mean a lot to me, and others which don't - and that's why core values are themselves at the core of my Patreon podcasts. These podcasts are a monthly exploration of core values as chosen from a list I found online; each podcast is something of a long blog post, but in an audio version that you could listen to while cooking, cleaning, driving, etc. Each one is (so far) just under six minutes long - and each one is thoughtfully written to explore not only why these particular values are (or are not) of importance to me, but also why they are (or can be) important to our human society as a whole.

These podcasts take a little more prep to create though, in the time required to explore my own personal connection to each chosen value, the investment of time taken to put those thoughts to paper, and the effort undertaken to record and edit each podcast into something I can be proud of as a content creator. For these reasons, my podcasts are only available to my Patreon subscribers, so I felt it a good idea to take time explaining what Patreon really is and how it works for creators like me (in correlation with supporters like you).

Patreon is a site that allows content creators to connect with their supporters in a whole new way, converting the usual give-and-take into a more solid relationship between small business and loyal patron. These creators, just like humans in general, come in all shapes and sizes, and we as a community create in a variety of content genres. On Patreon, you'll find a bit of everything, from writers to vloggers, from artists to musicians; with Patreon, each creator has the choice of what they offer their supporters, and the opportunity to ask for what they need most in the way of support.

Because the truth is, no matter what kind of artist you are, no matter what your chosen medium is - whether it's clay or paint or music notes ... or words ... art doesn't create itself, and art in itself doesn't pay the bills.

For many creators like me, Patreon is what stands in the gap between keeping a dream alive, and living a life that's only a shell of what it could be. There are any number of creator accounts currently thriving on Patreon with the support of people like you, and because of that kind of support, this world has more artists that are free to live an artistic life. It means we still have people who can paint and sing and write without being suffocated by the need to stifle their art in favor of their electric bill. Patreon allows people like you to give your favorite creators the ability to have art AND electricity.

Actually, that's the best part - it isn't, and doesn't have to be. With Patreon, you subscribe to your favorite creators the same way you subscribe to Netflix or Gwynnie Bee or any other monthly service. And just like with any of those services, you choose your own level of benefit/commitment. For example, my Patreon currently has seven reward tiers to choose from, ranging from $1-$20 a month, and each tier has a different set of included benefits for my supporters. Most importantly, each upper-level tier also includes the benefits of all lower-level tiers, so my $15 patron receives not only the $15 reward, but also everything from the $1, $2, $3, $5, and $10 tiers. Patrons can choose at any time to edit their pledges, giving more or less as they see fit or can afford, and changing or canceling a Patreon membership is SO easy (I've done it once myself, and it literally took less than two minutes).

Another of my favorite things about Patreon is that it pretty much does everything by itself. I can even schedule my writing bits to go up automatically, which means I can work myself ahead of my deadlines and earn some time "off" now and then. I also like that your information stays private and so does mine - Patreon takes care of everything to do with monthly charging, and they also keep track of who sees what (according their chosen reward tiers, etc.). The site itself is intuitive and well-organized, easy to operate and comfortable to use - AND you don't have to check in all the time in order to stay updated. Patreon settings allow you to choose what you see and how you see it - you can even set up notifications that'll let you know when someone you follow or support adds new content!

That depends on the creators you support. Some of the vloggers offer extra exclusive videos, or exclusive bloopers from the videos they share on YouTube. Other creators offer exclusive podcasts or e-magazines, or early access to their music or other art. Some even offer their patrons a little bit of control over their process, such as choosing what they write next or what the topic of their next video might be. To clarify and offer examples, here are mine:

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One of the best things about Patreon (I know, I've mentioned so many "best things" already but Patreon just doesn't stop, y'all) is that Patron support is something that builds on itself in a way that doesn't need MOREMOREMORE from anyone. I'm still posting the same $1 short stories whether I have 4 patrons or 400 - and if Patreon supports my writing enough to allow me time to write more, I can do that without asking anyone to give more. It's truly a partnership between my patrons and I, and I love that we're building a community together that we all care about - proven by the fact that we're all giving something, whether it's content or cash.

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