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Words, A PicPrompt

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copyright 2013, Brandi Kennedy
"As writers, we do write for ourselves, because we need to – because it's a burning desire inside us and we can't not write – but we also want to be recognized for our work, for our passion, for the journey of our imaginations. We all deserve the chance to step out into the world, where we will either succeed or fail. But at least people will have a chance to read what we've worked so hard to create." --Patti Davis


They flow like blood from a wound,
Vapors from the depth of a dream.
They ebb like the tides,
And flood with the violence of a storm.

They build;
Letter by letter they become the unexpected,
the unexplained, the simple magazines that we browse
the emotionally charged books that we devour.


We take them in,
we absorb them, grow by them,
we become what we are, because of what they are
developing like film under their power.

They makes us weak, they make us strong,
They freeze us, they warm us.
They break us down, they build us up.
They make or break the spirit.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quote Post!

Earlier this week, I had a little fun with Facebook again (if you haven't "liked" my page yet, you should), with a quote/lyric contest, promising to write about the quotes/lyrics that my winners submitted. Here's what I think of the winning quote:

"The man who DOES NOT read has no advantage over the man who CANNOT read." -- Mark Twain

What an impactful statement about the way we as humans sometimes simply refuse to live up to our potential. What good is literacy, what good is the ability to read and absorb if you choose not to do it? We live and dream, every one of us, and each of us has the inherent ability to reach out and take our dreams in our hands, to make them real and walk through them the way we walk through our homes.

But we don't.

The first romance novel I ever read was by Johanna Lindsey, a historic romance called "Love Only Once." I'm pretty sure if my father had known what was in that drugstore paperback, he'd never have agreed to buy it, but I think he was just proud that he'd offered to buy something for his only daughter and she chose a big ol' book. He didn't know that I'd sit on my butt all afternoon reading it, lost in the story of a wild womanizer tamed by an accidental romance. He didn't know that I'd sit up until the wee hours of the morning, reading in the closet with the light on because I simply COULD NOT go to bed without finishing the story.

He probably didn't know how HOT certain chapters of that book were, either. I still get red in the face when I remember reading those pages for the first time. So much of what's good about love, I learned in the characters of books that I read. I learned patience, I learned forgiveness, I learned to try again.

In books, I've learned crafts. On blogs, I've learned to build furniture, to knit. I've found peace in books. I've found God in books. I've found acceptance for the harder aspects of my life in books - blogs. And yes, I've found great sex in books.

When I look back, I can't imagine my life without reading ... I can't imagine myself without the impact that reading has had on me as a woman, as a Christian, as a mother. As a person.

But you know, that impact isn't simply because I can read. That growth that I have sought and found in books, blogs, magazines, and other sources ... it isn't there simply because I can read.

It's there because I choose to read. And if I chose not to, I might find myself as stagnant as an old forgotten bucket of lake water, not growing, not changing, not even stirring slightly to freshen myself in a breeze.

Those who are literate, those who have the treasured ability to read and don't use it, the quote is true.  Those who choose not to utilize such a powerful ability ... well, it's just a waste.

And so I leave you with this call to action:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Review: Lauren Dawes, 'Dark Deceit'

Today, I'm reviewing Dark Deceit, the newest release by the amazing Lauren Dawes. Not only is this woman's mind fascinating, but her talent is on par as well. She spins a tale with this book that you can't help but be dragged into. Not only do I admire her professionalism and her tenacity as an author, I admire her greatly as a friend as well.


About the Book:

The time of the Aesir gods is over. Now they live among the humans in their bustling modern cities. Their brutal dominion over the gods and humans may have ended, but their actions have not been forgotten.

Korvain is feared like no other. His ruthlessness and cold heart are legendary, but when he is given the task of killing one of the most fabled goddesses of all time, he is left with an undeniable desire to make her his own. Failure in his task means only one thing: death. Will he follow his orders, or will he follow his heart?  

Bryn’s whole world crumbled when she left Odin’s service to protect the other Valkyries. Now living with the humans, she is the only thing standing between them and total destruction. But her beliefs are about to be shaken to the core when she meets Korvain—a completely irresistible Mare who threatens to take away more than just her innocence.

My Review of the Book:
I read Dark Deceit in two sittings. Literally.
It took me around 24 hours to read, and I loved it.
But let me give you a little back story first.
When I first read Lauren Dawes' work in 'Half Blood,' her writing style was different enough from my own that I had to adjust to it a little bit before I could really sink into the story. As a romance reader, Half Blood seemed a little dark to me and didn't have the overt romance factor. To be fair, Lauren Dawes is not a romance writer (generally). What she is instead is a fabulous author in the urban fantasy genre, with the ability to spin multiple characters and storylines into something that feels real and personal even if it isn't.

By the end of 'Half Blood,' I was moving beyond my original adjustment to Ms. Dawes style and was enough into the idea behind the story to want to read 'Half Truths.' I needed to know the rest of the story. Therefore, by the end of 'Half Life,' I was quite literally INFURIATED that it was ending. The books were being marketed (at that time) as a trilogy, meaning there were only plans for three books. The third book, 'Half Life,' leaves you with a very enticing cliff hanger, and at that point I was thoroughly hooked. I couldn't stand the idea of the series ending where it did. I needed more!! I can't even tell you how happy I am to know now that there will be more to the series, and that the Helheim Wolf Pack lives on. To that end, I will be writing full reviews of all three Helheim books just before the release of book number four! No dates yet, but I'm waiting anxiously so I'm sure I'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, Lauren has been busily crafting yet another masterpiece. Quite a bit different from the 'Half Blood' series, 'Dark Deceit' is the first book in Lauren's new 'Dark Series.' In 'Dark Deceit,' Ms. Dawes gives us a modern peek into the world of the mostly-forgotten Aesir gods of ancient history. We're introduced to Odin, to Loki and Thor; we're introduced to a group of Valkyries, and we're introduced to Korvain (not necessarily in that order). The story that unfolds here is A-plus-MAZING, with a cast of characters that are the perfect mix of strong-enough-to-make-it and weak-enough-to-be-real. I can't rave enough about this book. It's got suspense, sex, violence, romance, betrayal ... it's got EVERYTHING.

Bryn is one tough chick, determined to need no one and to stand strong on her own, the leader of the Valkyries and the one they all know they can count on. Korvain is the dominant leader, the black night of destruction, hell-bent on doing his job and doing it well. Loki has been wronged and is seeking revenge, while Odin is scrambling to put his fallen existence back together again.

Who will come out on top of this mix??
Well now, I can't tell you that ... but I can tell you that it's worth finding out.

You can try to guess on your own though,
because there's a book trailer!


Want To Know More About Lauren Dawes?

Lauren Dawes is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance writer and the author of the Half Blood Series and the Dark Series. You won’t find any friendly vampires in between the pages of her books; just blood, teeth and violence. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or teaching. She currently lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband and cat.

And now that you know a little about her, go buy the book, read it ravenously, review it lovingly, and then stalk her shamelessly.

Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Website
Amazon / Goodreads / Pinterest

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Update Time!

I've been a little absent from the blogging world lately, have you noticed?
I've been super busy with the writing/editing of TWO books though, so please

Forgive Me.

Selkie is coming along beautifully, and I'm currently working through two different beta reports, making sure that Selkie is as polished and pretty as it can be. I'm also organizing a cover reveal for early July, and

Fighting For Freedom is moving forward again!! The "moving forward" is a slow process so far; I'm re-reading all of the original chapters of Fighting For Freedom, adding and subtracting little details here and there as I go along. I think the story is much improved that way, and the story itself has grown a bit in the past few weeks. I'm nearing 50 thousand words, and Christine is working hard to heal her heart ... with a little help, of course.

But the real big news is, Selkie now has

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Letters, A PicPrompt

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copyright 2013, Brandi Kennedy


I took it out and read it again, just as I had almost every day for fourteen years.

The pages of the letter were worn where I'd kept it folded, the ink somewhat faded with age, but it didn't matter. If the letter had disintegrated in my hands, I'd still be able to remember what it said. I'd still be able to remember the way he'd looked when he gave it to me, the way I'd felt when I was with him. And I could never forget the mixture of pain and hope that my memories had filled me with over the years.

Serious eyes; he always had such serious eyes. I'd catch him watching me sometimes, and his face would flush with embarrassment, plump kissable lips tightening against a grin as he turned his face away. But his eyes were always serious, always contemplative. Those eyes are burned forever into the backs of my eyelids, so that whenever I close my eyes he's looking at me again, his face soft and thoughtful, his throat working as he swallows nervously. I see him still, those eyes haunting me whenever I blink away the tears of losing him.

The letter even smells like him, fresh and clean as bottled sunshine, soapy and somehow manly all the same. The scent was strongest in the curve of his shoulder, when he'd hug me close and I'd press my face in under his chin.

Or maybe I just smell him in my heart.

What I miss the most is that perfect, soul-drenching sense of everything being right, the way his impeccable manners kept him from ever being offensive to me, the way he'd apologize if he slipped and said the most innocent of today's curse words. His humility, his honesty, and his inner sense of quiet drew me in , like a moth to a flame ...


Edited to add: Letters has now been edited, revised, and extended. The above is only a small snippet of the full story, the whole of which is now available exclusively to my Patreon supporters. To view this story and others like it, please support my writing here. (October 2017)

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'Selkie,' Coming Soon ...

In preparation for the release of Selkie, I will be pulling 'To Love A Selkie' from the Amazon market. As many of you know, 'To Love A Selkie' has been extended by popular demand. During the extension process, the book underwent a lot of changes and is now almost double the original length, thus the renaming of the book as simply, Selkie. The story has also grown in another huge way ... Selkie is now book one of a trilogy!!

So if you were on your way to pick up 'To Love A Selkie,' hold off just a little longer ... Selkie will be available in July! And for those of you who have already seen 'To Love A Selkie,' let me tell you that you're in for a ride with the new extended Selkie! Annie and Malik are headed off on a completely unexpected adventure, and believe me, you don't want to miss this!

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Big News!!

A while ago, I posted about a little race that's been going on, a race between two of my upcoming releases.
For the first time, I was working multiple projects at once! But the main focus was on just two of my stories.

 One was Selkie, the long-awaited extension/rerelease of "To Love A Selkie."

The other was Fighting For Freedom, a little pet project that's maybe more close to my heart than even Fat Chance (book one, Kingsley Series) was.

But now, I've got news. The race is over, and Selkie has won!! For those of you who subscribe to the newsletter, the edition scheduled for Friday had a feature article about the making of Selkie, and and a little bit of how it came to be what it is now. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter but you'd like to, please fill in this form to sign yourself up! It's quick, it's simple, and you get a headsup on some of the latest news.

Also because of this news, I have a giveaway winner to announce!
Remember this?
a Rafflecopter giveaway

In this giveaway, I promised to choose a winner from among the people who voted on the winning book. And now, without further ado, the winner of the very first signed Selkie paperback?
Congratulations, Emalee Baldwin!!

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Fan-Choice, Song Lyric 2

On Fridays I like to let loose and have a little fun on Facebook. I've done hangman, crossword-puzzle-style hints, word scrambles, and even "caption this picture!" But last Friday I wanted to hear something from you. I wanted you to step in and inspire me.

So I asked for a song lyric and promised to turn those song lyrics into blog posts!

Lyric Number 2 was:
"You could resurrect a thousand words to deceive me, more and more. A thousand words will give the reasons why, I don't need you anymore."
For those who don't know, the lyric is from Savage Garden's 'A Thousand Words'

~*~*~ my thoughts ~*~*~

Back in the day, Savage Garden was one of my very favorite bands, and there's still something special about them that brings out that old sense of nostalgia. Old music, old memories.

This song has an indescribable feel to me, with music that makes your head rock with the up-beat. Then if you look deeper, there are lyrics that speak of honesty/dishonesty and all of the various things that spring from the simple thing we call a "lie."

Aren't they horrible things?
Easily tiresome, easily wearying the spirit.

This song speaks to the importance of honesty in a relationship, whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship. Why? Because "you can resurrect a thousand words to deceive me, more and more."

But ...
"A thousand words will give the reasons why, I don't need you anymore."

Isn't that empowering?
Have a listen for yourself.

Thanks to Dana Fetters for suggesting this song!! What a memory come-back!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fan-Choice, Song Lyric

On Fridays I like to let loose and have a little fun on Facebook. I've done hangman, crossword-puzzle-style hints, word scrambles, and even "caption this picture!" But last Friday I wanted to hear something from you. I wanted you to step in and inspire me.

So I asked for a song lyric and promised to turn those song lyrics into blog posts!

Lyric Number 1 was:
"All I wanna do is hold you tight, we're runnin' outta moonlight."
For those who don't know, the lyric is from Randy Houser's 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight'

~*~*~ my thoughts ~*~*~

I don't think I'd really heard this song before, but I like it. When you listen to the song, it's got a good sort of party feel, and would be fun to dance to. It's got just the right mix of country and sexy for me!

But then I went and read the lyrics. Wow, what a sweet song. And better yet, what a sweet guy! Who doesn't love a guy who says, "Don't you worry 'bout gettin' fixed up, when you wake up, you're pretty enough?" I love that line especially from the song, and I loved the song right from that first line.

The song describes a sweet date, a man who just wants some alone time with his girl in the middle of nowhere. And I like this video too ... don't you?

Thanks to Karey Smith for sharing the lyric to a great new song with me!! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Twilight Marathon Commentary, Part 1

I wanna watch a movie, and I really love to talk during the movie. Even when I'm not talking, I'm thinking constantly, just little random thoughts that are sometimes normal, sometimes silly, sometimes outright snarky. But in the interest of "hanging out" with my fans and being an accessible, friendly, honest/open kind of person, let's watch a movie.

Let's watch Twilight.

* before you criticize *
Yes, I've fallen utterly victim to the Twilight craze. I didn't think it would happen, didn't think it could happen.
I rolled my eyes just like everyone else the first time Edward sparkled.

* but still *

I love them. And now that they are all finally in my possession, I'm going to watch them all. And I've decided to share it with you, to let you inside my head while I watch them , including the new one that I still haven't seen yet. So if you were here watching with me, this is the crap I'd be muttering during the movie. Aren't you glad you're not here?


~~*~~ TWILIGHT ~~*~~

First up, how the heck do you see your daughter for the first time in forever, and all you have to say is "your hair's longer?" Which is made even worse when she turns and is like, "I cut it since you saw me." Oh my goodness, really?? Look at your daughter more often dude. It's Phoenix, man, it's not like she lives in Africa. Take a drive occasionally, jeez.

Taylor Lautner as Jacob ... I saw Taylor in Sharkboy & Lavagirl, when he was an intense-looking and certainly not "cute" little boy. He just had too much angle in his face, too much seriousness, too much ... something. My oldest daughter thought he was beautiful though. She still does. In this movie, she loves him but I still think he's not that cute. The long hair makes him perfect for the whole werewolf thing, because his strong features, that "something" about his nose, and the long hair all team up to make him look downright doggy. No thanks.

Eric? Where the heck is that kid's mom? And honestly, I apologize in advance to anyone reading this who is currently wearing (or allowing their son to wear) that sloppy-on-purpose, never-had-a-real-haircut kind of haircut. Seriously? What is the point, boys? You spend all your time trying to prove how manly you are, but you walk around hiding under a girly-man cap of hair. What's next, Adam Lambert's guy-liner?

Oh my God, the lunch scene. What the heck? Tyler comes up and just kisses Bella, dumps the other guy (Mike?) out of his seat, and takes off running? Oh please. It's not like she's a supermodel. Just a new girl. Dude, get you hormones checked, something's off. Because I don't know about Forks, but in my town, randomly kissing strangers could be construed as a crime. Seld-control, dude. Self-control.

"... speedo padding on the swim team ..."
Freaking Awesome Line. Love It.

First sight of the Cullens?
Rosalie? Bitch. Emmett? Jerk. Alice? Dancer? Jasper. Oh dear God, yum. And Edward. Confident, curious. Big pretty eyes, decent little cocky grin. Still ends up looking like he doesn't feel good. Poor guy.

And oh my gosh, Bella smelling herself in class?? Priceless. If ever there was a girl more needlessly in tune with the feelings of a guy she doesn't know. Cute how she looked all hurt and shocked when she found him trying to get out of the class though. I was like, "woah, a facial expression!"

How the heck did Bella's mom get to keep custody of her? She can't be trusted to keep her cell phone safe! I wouldn't let that woman babysit a fern, are you kidding?? No wonder Bella's so self-sufficient.

Emmett rides to school standing up in the back of his ridiculously macho jock-jeep. Like a dog who needs to feel the breeze flapping his ears. Oh please. Idiot. If you're trying to hide the fact that you're invincible, you probably shouldn't be standing up in a moving vehicle. Idiot.

Hahahaha, Bella fell on her ass!

Jesus, Lord. "You're not in Phoenix anymore, Bells." Where the hell is she then? Please, Charlie, please PLEASE say "Oz." I'm begging.

Edward's first words. The smooth musical sound and feel of the "hello." The apology, and the intro. Yeah, vampire powers? Maybe, because if I were her, I'd have had to fight the urge to lean in. Hmm.

And yet she's accusatory. "You were gone." Like she's his wife and he didn't show up for dinner. Or his mommy, maybe. I like their first conversation though, how curious he is about her. It may only be because his inability to read her is driving him mad, but I like it. Too few men are curious about their women these days, and that makes him look sweet and caring and of course, endearing. Until he stalks off after she asks about his eyes, which makes him look like a jackass.

Until he saves her from Tyler's van, with his bare hands, which makes him look like a sexy superhero. The panic in his face when he realizes what he's done makes it even better. You can just read the "Oh shit!" in his expression, and the wide eyes? Love it!

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Edward tries to convince Bella that he was standing with her when Tyler almost hit her. The fury in her face is amazing, and his eyes, big and angry. The whole bad-boy vibe? He's got it down, even if he is kinda scrawny.

Why is she sleeping with her hair in a ponytail?? Doesn't she know how bad that can damage her hair??

Mike. All nervous and stuttering and barely able to do more than squeak when he asks Bella out?? If I were her, I'd likely have gone just because it's so cute when a guy likes a girl that much. Then again, that Jessica chick might've slit Bella's throat. If Jessica were a dog in this movie, she'd be pissing all over Mike's leg in every scene to "mark" him.

How has no one noticed how white Edward is??

Seriously, Eric, with the worm? What are you, six? These are supposed to be high school kids, and the boys are laughing at worms? I know it's a small town and all, but when do they move on from worms? When they're thirty-four?

Hahaha! "Your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash." Love it!!

I love how he grins when she's like, "let's hang out." I mean, as a vampire, he probably doesn't get a lot of time to just "hang out" like regular guys, and with all his life experience, he finds her cute. I like that. Even if he does end up sparkling. Besides, what's wrong with sparkle? You can just pretend he's a giant diamond. With mood swings.

Omg, Bella, pull your damn hat down over your forehead!! When it's all the way up to your hairline, it makes your forehead look like a damn runway strip!! Sorry, but sweetheart, doesn't your house have mirrors??

Love the whole Native American theme. With the little few drops of Native American blood running through me, I love EVERYTHING that feels Native American, even if it's made up. I love the whole story thing with Jacob telling Bella about his heritage.

Redhead vampire chick? Scary bitch. Laurent? Interesting look, awesome name.
James? Yum. Sorry, I can't help myself.

Jessica choosing her prom dress because "it makes my boobs look good."
Oh please, I'm pretty sure she'd be fully confident of her immense beauty and charm no matter what she wears because she's obviously got an inflated ego. You know, except for when she's lifting her leg to pee on poor Mike because she's insecure.

Ooooh, creepy guys after Bella. Someone's gonna get a LOT of boyfriends tonight.
Ooops, here comes Edward, who somehow knows where she is and what's going on and how to get to her at EXACTLY that moment. "Get in the car," he says. And she does. Yeah, because you showing up out of nowhere like that isn't weird. Not at all.

Jessica and Angela. Pissed because Bella missed dinner. Edward steps up, and they are suddenly all giggles and cuteness and whatnot. Mmhmm, vampire powers. I wish I had those. Maybe I should write a vampire book one day, so that I can play with what it would be like. Except that a million other vampire authors would be all like, "OMG, I wrote that first."
Mmhmm, because that's so original.
And then everyone's pissed about Twilight because
Stephanie Meyer tried something NEW.

I love Edward demonstrating his mind-reading gift. As if it's not even a gift, as if he's bored with it. It's commonplace for him, nothing special at all. And I love, too, how intrigued he is with Bella, how fascinated he is by her because he can't get inside her head. I love how much he wants inside her head, how much he just wants to be near her.

Haha, "Your hand is so cold."
Um, no. Let me the hell out of this car, Mr. Freeze.

She just realized, and you can see in her eyes, in the way her mouth falls open, you can just see it.
"Holy shit, you have GOT to be kidding."
And then she sits up online all night researching vampires as if she'd never heard of one before.
Mmhmm. That's realistic.

Oh my gosh, I love it. "How old are you?"
"How long have you been seventeen?"
"A while."

Why does he force her to say vampire? Like it's a dirty word and they're both four years old on the playground and he's trying to bully her into saying "the s-word." What a naughty boy. Hauling her up on his shoulders like she was nothing was pretty neat though.
Gonna make for some incredibly hot against-the-wall-sex someday.

Oooooh, SPARKLE!!
His self-disgust is endearing, his personal struggle with his own nature, his belief in himself as evil and his inner torture over it are so sweet, and just lovable. I could have done without the ridiculous show of his prowess though. How very "manly" of him to show her how very powerful he is, as if she couldn't imagine.

"My own personal brand of heroin."
I had someone in my life like that, once.
My own personal brand of heroin.
Nearly killed me.
Just say no, people. Just say no.

"You don't know how long I've waited for you."
Oh my gosh, awwww!! That was almost sweet enough to help me ignore the lame-ass lion/lamb thing.

When they have that scene where they lay together in the field, why is Bella posed as if she just fell from the top of a 100-story building? All bent and broken and seriously uncomfortable?? Uh, no.

Bella and Edward get to school and he is so INTO the bad-boy thing.
You know, since he's "going to hell." Lol.

I find it funny how Edward is talking about how miserable it is to not be able to kill her and drain her of life, and she's looking at him with this anguished face, like, "Oh my gosh, that must be just so TERRIBLE for you. Oh, poor Edward. So sad for you, darling."

Fixing the truck??? With just a little nonchalant pop?? Sexy. Hmmm.

Jacob's embarrassment when his dad busts him on wanting to see Bella? Perfect. Love it!

Wow, this commentary is getting pretty long ... I wonder if anyone will have the patience to make it to the end. Hmm.

If you, readers, make it to the end of this, leave a comment. I'm curious. Like Edward. But, you know, I can't read your minds, so you'll have to share your thoughts.

Wow, Rosalie really is a bitch, huh? The Cullens are all cooking and trying to be welcoming and sweet and all. And Rosalie. Tantrum like a toddler. In hooker heels. Mmhmm.
What scares her so much about Bella?
Like, what, she's scared of a little human boogeyman? Jeez.

Is it just me, or is Alice kinda ... like a ... fairy?
Like if there was a live-action Tinkerbell movie,
Alice would be just right for one of the fairies.

"It's okay Jasper. You won't hurt her."
Oh for goodness sake. Like he's a dog. She should just pat him on the head and get him a bone.
He sure is a delicious dog, though, huh? All tortured and whatnot.
Ya just wanna rub his ... brow ... till he feels better.

Haha, he pulls her in to dance with him, and I guess she should be thinking awkward teenage girl thoughts, or maybe, "kiss me, kiss me," but I'm dirty, so I hear her thinking, "Oh God, don't eat me. Wait, eat me, eat me!!" Hahaha. Shame on me. And yet I can't say the "c-word."
Don't pretend you don't know which one. And yes, I know there are two of them.
I can't say either of them.

Wow he plays the piano beautifully.

Mike, seriously calling Bella out about being with Edward? "He looks at you like you're something to eat."
Oh really, Mike? Because it's not like you were all over her as soon as she moved to town huh? Sorry sport, go hook up with Jessica; she's falling over herself to get some anyway.

"Looks like the Newton boy's got a big smile for ya."
Yeah, Charlie, that's what Mike wants to give your daughter. A "smile." Mmhmm.

Omg, Bella's dad's mustache. Crazy. It's like, "Hello, I mustache you a question."

Yeah, right, Edward. It's real fascinating to watch a girl sleep. Because snoring and drooling?
Total sex appeal. Mmhmm.

But that first kiss? Oh. My. Dear. God. Slow like that? Totally passion-building. It's sexy to watch them anticipate it, and then it happens and they lose it a little, so attracted to each other. I love it. It's sad, how tortured he looks though, afterward, knowing how frail she is as a human and how careful he has to be with her in spite of what they're feeling. That must be awful for him. Almost as bad as not being able to kill her, I'd say.

Haha, her dad cleaning his shotgun before he meets Edward?? Love! That's the sort of thing my dad would've done. In another time ... before ... sigh.

Okay, back to the movie.

Oh my gosh, Rosalie smiled!!! The ice bitch can smile?!?

Mmm, Jasper, all with the spinning of the bat and stuff. Mmmm.

Can you tell which Cullen is my favorite??
I bet you can't.
Because I hide it well. Haha.

"My monkey-man."
Yeah, because apes are so sexy. Real sexy.
I can't tell you how my blood runs when I see a monkey.
Especially the ones with rainbow colored asses.

Mmm, James. He almost distracts from how perfectly protective Edward and the Cullens are of Bella. You know, except for Rosalie, the ice bitch. So ... in the little mini-fight scene where James first scents Bella's blood, why is Rosalie in the front of the defensive Cullen crowd? Pretty sure she'd be the first one to toss poor Bella over the line, so what's up with that protective thing?

I hate the fake fight scene. I hated seeing Bella and Edward break up. Even knowing it was fake, I hated it. And I hated watching her say cruel and hurtful things to her father. Sometimes we have to, we say things to people that maybe we don't mean, just to protect the people that we love. But that doesn't make it any more pleasant to see. Or participate in. I've been there.

And Charlie's breakdown? Incredibly moving. He's this steadfast guy all through the movie, quiet. He doesn't say much, and he's just that dad who's there. Not always so active, but just there. And then she's leaving and he's all but begging her to stay, to not walk away from him, and not leave him. I love that he was completely without pride in that moment, not just a father, but a person who loved another person and wanted that to be known. I ache for him, sitting there and thinking that he's somehow driven his daughter away. Some fathers do, but he didn't, and it's sad for him to have to think that he did.

I *heart* Alice, her selfless willingness to protect Bella, simply for the love of Edward as her brother. On the other hand, Rosalie. Bitch.

I love watching Jasper reach for Alice while he drove, too. Knowing someone is there isn't anything like having that inherent need to touch them. Not in a sexual way, but just in a way that you need to feel them close to you, that you need that sense of physical contact. And his hair, I just can't get over his hair. Mmmm.

You know, throughout this entire movie, I can't decide if I think Bella is courageous or stupid. The whole hooking up with a vampire thing? Maybe romantic, also pretty stupid. When a guy says, "I want to kill you," you usually don't invite him into your house. Or your panties. Then again, going to the ballet studio alone, knowing what was waiting for her? So damn brave, so damn courageous. How many people would do that, for real? How many people would walk right into the arms of someone hunting to kill them, for the sake of someone else? And yet, still. Stupid.

There is NOTHING sexier than a man bent on protecting his own, his love. His family.

And Alice. I just love Alice. She may be fairy-like in her delicacy, but she's amazing in her ability to accept and love Bella immediately, just because she's there, just because of Edward.

And there he is, right beside her in the hospital. Charming and romantic, and just ... there.

Oh my gosh, Bella's mom's phone is so old! Woah!

Okay, when Edward tries to send Bella to live with her mom, to protect her from his kind of existence, she is so obnoxious. Oh my gosh, y'all, she totally got on with the stuttering and crap. Entirely obnoxious.

Hahah, Edward and Charlie at the table together. Is it just me, or does Edward look like he's got a yardstick up his ass? And Charlie? What a dad. Totally hating Edward for what happened to Bella, but patiently accepting and respectful, not just of Bella in spite of his disagreement with her choices, but also of Edward for Bella's sake. Bella is a lucky girl, broken leg or no.

Ooooh, the animosity between Edward and Jacob?? Hot, wild hatred. Gonna make for a good next movie, huh?

Oh, I just had to say, the end of the movie? With the white lights and the music, and the dancing? How easily he just lifts her up onto his feet so that she doesn't have to feel awkward or clumsy? The way he looks out for her, without her having to tell him how strange it is for her, even though he can't read her.

The last scene, the things they say to each other, that dip? And the slope of her neck exposed like that, and that ever so slow descent of his lips to her throat?? His emotion?

Aaahhhh!! On to Part Two!!!
Wanna watch it with me?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wanna Go Shopping?

I've been approached a time or two lately, by people who wanted more extensive swag than what I've offered. Some have even offered to pay me to create swag for them (Because swag?? Not cheap.)!
With that in mind, I created a store, the Brandi Kennedy Swag store. Personally, though, the word "swag" is just a few ticks above "YOLO." So there is a link to the store in my tabs at the top of the blog ... but it says "merchandise" instead. You know, professional and all that.

There's not a lot there yet, but the item list will grow as time goes on, and I'd love your suggestions. Tell me what items you'd like to see, tell me what quotes you'd like to see, and I'll create items to add to the store for you! I've even ordered a few things myself, just to check the quality of the items, and so far everything looks great!

Wanna see?