Who I Am - Where I'm From

Who I Am ...
I am a young American woman proud of my heritage and my homeland, if not always proud of my people. I am learning how to blend the youth in my heart with the thirst for growth and wisdom and knowledge in my mind. I am the mother of two little girls who give me daily my needed doses of Faith and Joy. I am struggling and learning to be a better woman each day, and struggling to make my love for God more obvious in my daily life and my behavior. I am a writer, a thinker, a conversationalist. Sometimes I'm good at those things and sometimes not. But I'm always ... just me.

Where I'm From ...
I am from the banks of the St. John's river, from macaroni and cheese with a hot dog on a white bun for dinner.

I am from a variety of houses and apartments that invoke memories of heat and sunshine, sweat, salt, and the soft hair on the head of my favorite Barbie doll.

I am from the green peninsula surrounded by salty beaches, from orange groves and palm trees.

I am from Thanksgiving get-togethers and trying to get along, from Gary and Jane and Grandma Eva.

I am from intelligence and common sense, long life and good health.

From "life isn't fair" and "cry me a river".

I am from the God who created me, and the lessons He's taught me about who I am and who I want to be. I am from a dead church that taught me how important it is to find authenticity in those around me. I am also from a spirit-filled church that taught me how okay it is to not be perfect.

I am from a small river town and from family secrets that still remain untold, from late nights with my cousins and singing in the field by the house. From "cool your heels" and "get outside to play".

I am from a short temper and the "warpath", my daddy's lack of patience and my Grandma's no-nonsense attitude.

I am from photo albums haphazardly organized, riding to school in the truck bed, and walks through the woods to "the other street". I am from playing in the rain and trudging through the flooded aftermath of hurricane storms, from winters that aren't really cold and trees that are ever green without being evergreens.

I am from roller-blading and mowing the grass, from writing notes and talking constantly on the phone. I am from my favorite radio station, and always from my favorite song.

To put it simply, I am simply "from" where I'm "from".