Friday, September 29, 2023

So, Here's the Plan...

I am so thrilled to be writing again! It's not keeping my house clean and organized, but it's doing wonders for my soul. I've missed my characters and their stories so much, and digging back in is sparking my creativity all over again. As mentioned in the previous post here, one of my first goals is to update and upgrade all of my backlog - and that's a lot of writing! This plan looks like this:

  • Complete the Freedom Series - two books
  • Complete the Selkie Trilogy - three books
  • Complete the Kingsley Series - six books
  • Upgrade COURAGEOUS to a full-length novel
  • Update LAUGHTER & TEARS with more poems
Currently, I'm working my way through FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, and let me tell you guys, updating this story has been incredible so far. Christine is such a special part of my writing, and her story is one of the closest to my heart. I'm so excited to finally be spending time with her again, and I can't wait to write the rest of her story!

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